Location(s):  Berlin, Bonn, Home Office (Hybrid)

Project Manager Public Sector (f/m/x)

When consulting clients of the public sector, you develop modern, future-proof IT concepts and solutions that meet the increasing business requirements. The focus of your work lies in the translation of technical requirements into a customer-specific overall concept.

You are the first point of contact for our customers. Therefore you work with them to develop the IT strategy and the underlying solution.

Your responsibilities

  • You carry out analyses and evaluations of IT applications, systems and environments.
  • You are responsible for the pre-selection of systems and take care of the implementation of the overall solution together with the team
  • You define the underlying processes
  • You identify weaknesses, point out solutions and advise our customers from the first blueprint to the go live of the solutions.
  • You work in interdisciplinary teams with project managers, software developers and consultants and advise our customers throughout Germany.
  • As an experienced specialist, you also take care of the identification of new business opportunities and independently take over the technical coordination in the development of offers.

Your skills

  • You have a degree in politics / administration / administrative informatics
  • You are experienced experience in the field of eGov projects
  • You have experience as a business analyst
  • You also have experience in project management
  • Confidence, a strong service orientation and analytical skills belong to your strengths
  • You have already worked with clients from the public sector
  • You are used to agile environment
  • You have very good presentation skills
  • You work in a customer- and sales-oriented way
  • You are fluent in German and English and are willing to travel

Your perspective

  • We offer a long-term perspective and a wide range of national and international clients and projects
  • A bright and modern office located in Berlin Mitte – with bar, garden and gym
  • Professional onboarding including a buddy, additional onboarding talks and trainings to ensure the best possible start
  • An agile and independent corporate culture in which English and German are the company languages
  • A variety of personnel empowerment offerings through our Design Yourself Academy, as well as in-house coaching with certified business coaches
  • It is possible to choose between two career paths: People or Expert Leadership
  • A one-year leadership development program
  • Unlimited access to the global IBM YourLearning platform with comprehensive professional topics (technologies, strategy, creation, industries, etc.)
  • Last but not least, of course, you will also benefit from our employee discounts, e.g. on Apple products, bicycles and e-bikes, electronics, etc. 

Ready to apply?

IBM iX Berlin is a company focused on creating an equal work environment for all. We especially want to encourage all people with their individual diverse backgrounds and perspectives to apply for work at our company.

In addition to your current CV we also need your work references. We look forward to your application.

Details on this job
  • Title : Project Manager Public Sector (f/m/x)
  • Category : Product & Project Management 
  • Employment type: Full-time
  • Company: IBM iX Berlin
  • Location(s): Berlin, Bonn, Home Office (Hybrid)
  • Country: Germany
  • Job-ID: u1609


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If you are interested in this position, please apply directly via “Apply now”. We will explain the next steps to you. Let’s go!

What you bring: Yourself.
What we offer: Learning by learning – On the job, from others and in our Design Yourself Academy.
What you’ll see: A great environment. Not just because our offices are located in the heart of Berlin. It’s the people, because “… it’s not anonymous here. People know each other. People like each other. Everyone here is open and approachable. The working atmosphere is great, even if we don’t have a polonaise every day.” (Quote Stephanie Arand, Marketing & PR Manager).
What we want to see: Balanced gender quotas in all professions. DevelopHers, TechnicHers, DesignHers, ManagHers, CreatHers, LeadHers.

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Vier MitarbeiterInnen sitzen gemeinsam im Freien und arbeiten
Hybrid work – sometimes here, sometimes there

Our way of working has changed completely. What do we do with the newly gained freedom and flexibility that the home office affords? At the same time, how to we stay in in touch with each other? Specifically: How well does the agile agency life combine with the new remote work routines? One thing is clear: there’s no going back to our old working routine. That’s why we’re relying on a new, hybrid working model – sometimes here, sometimes there. And yes, we still believe in the power of people meeting face to face. It’s important to us to strike a balance between remote and on-site work while getting the best of both worlds. We underscore this through our hybrid work principles, which are based on our three agency values: cooperation, responsibility and openness.

Be mindful at work – have a good time

Mindfulness is the basis for our most important faculties, such as creativity, curiosity, decision-making and empathy. In a fast-paced and highly distracting environment, those who live and work mindfully, not succumbing to the stress inherent to our busy lives, have the upper hand. Therefore, we provide our teams with support for living a more mindful everyday working life. These are our mindful Ms: mindful meetings, mindful managers, mindful manners.

Our career model. Your career journey.

Under the guiding principle ‘Design Yourself’, we offer you a career model only as a guardrail for your professional and personal journey! Not everyone wants to be a leader, or work in depth in specialised areas. After the senior level, you can follow the path that suits you best and choose between people leadership and expert leadership. Sometimes you make a mistake in life or discover yourself anew, so we always leave the opportunity open for you to switch to the other career path.

Next generation leader programme

Our one-year programme for future people or expert leaders is comprised of four main modules, several breakouts and is a lot of fun. Participants become part of an interdisciplinary peer group of about twelve people learning and experiencing, among other things, how to get to know themselves better, what coaching means as a leadership skill, how a network builds a better career and what storytelling can do. One special feature to remove biases: you nominate yourself with an anonymous application and a jury selects from the applications according to fixed criteria. You can find out more about what we are doing in the area of diversity & inclusion here.

Traineeship programm

Let’s take it to the limit together. How high can you go as a trainee with us? “Fair Trainee Programme Trendence 2022 Award”– just sayin’. If that’s not enough for you, listen to what Christiane has to say about her time as a trainee in the Editorial Team.