Composable Digital Experience Platform

Strengthen your digital business, maximise customer engagement, and increase conversion with the IBM iX concept for Composable Digital Experience Platforms!

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Strengthen your digital business and get future-ready

While companies have invested heavily in their digital systems for customer interaction and engagement, most fall short of their own expectations. Even worse, online shops, marketing automation, and CRM systems, for example, underperform industry standards. Instead of building a coherent and well-functioning system, complex, non-integrated, isolated, and mutually exclusive technology landscapes have been created. The result is that companies struggle with low ROI and poor conversion rates. It also stems from poor employee experience.

With the IBM iX approach of a Composabe Digital Experience Platform, we offer a solution to make enterprises’ systems future-ready.

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Dr. Christian Tribowski
Dr. Christian Tribowski
Director Sales & Alliance, IBM iX Dusseldorf