How we see sustainability in the digital sphere

Responsibility as an opportunity for growth

Sustainability plays a crucial role in our increasingly digital world – especially when it comes to developing digital products and services. We bear responsibility in two respects: we’re responsible firstly for the success of our products, and secondly for their environmental and social impact. Every aspect of our work, from an app’s design to an online service’s functionality, extends beyond the borders of a screen. The term “sustainability” does not just encompass our responsibility in terms of digital products: it also represents a chance to create value for our customers, partners and employees. We use sustainability to drive forward growth for our customers and see this as a major opportunity.

In the process, our goal is to tap into the opportunities offered by technology and creativity so we can develop environmentally and socially responsible products that meet the needs of a broad user base. We take a targeted approach to integrating digitalisation into our sustainability strategies. This enables us to craft innovative solutions that reduce energy consumption, allow us to use resources more efficiently and promote sustainable business models.

“As a digital consulting house and design agency, we actively shape the future through technology and innovative digital services. We play a leading role – not just in our sector, but also in terms of responsibility for sustainable corporate governance.”
Elke Röttgen
COO, IBM iX Berlin

Sustainable successes

We’re particularly proud to work on projects that have a positive impact on the environment and society.

Sustainability is always on our agenda – no matter whether we’re looking at energy, mobility, health or consumption. We support our customers with developing more sustainable business models. Inclusive design and barrier-free implementation, for instance, enable us to make digital applications accessible to all. In turn, this fosters a fairer society, improves the user experience and makes it more efficient, which reduces energy consumption.

Our services range from advising on plans to executing sustainable projects.

A few examples:

  • Innovation-driven business model for sustainability and the circular economy
  • Sustainable processes & automation
  • Enterprise Design Thinking for sustainable solutions
  • Sustainable, inclusive design
  • Digital sustainability communication & reporting
  • Green hosting & development
  • Sustainability & AI
  • Salesforce Net Zero implementation

Jointly creating a more eco-
conscious working

Sustainability is reflected in various areas of our IBM iX studios. At each of our locations and in each of the countries we’re based in, we set particular store by using resources and energy efficiently, opting for eco-friendlier materials, choosing green mobility services, creating healthy working conditions and making our employees aware of sustainable behaviours at work. We adhere to EU standards to ensure our sustainability initiatives comply with the relevant environmental requirements and guidelines.


We boost employee health and satisfaction via activities that encourage healthy living, ergonomic workstations and catering that uses local ingredients. In addition, we recycle waste and use energy and resources efficiently. Our Berlin studio even produces its own solar power and has a fruit and vegetable garden in its inner courtyard for employees to enjoy: lots of bees make their home here in summer.


We’re reducing our carbon footprint and actively playing our part in improving our environment by opting for sustainable mobility solutions. Cycle-to-work schemes in Germany and Austria facilitate zero-emission travel and enhance our employees’ health, while company travel cards at some locations make using public transport easier. We strive to fly as little as possible for domestic trips, favouring sustainable transport options instead. Employees who travel regularly are issued with country-specific railcards.

Training & CPD

At training sessions and workshops, employees develop their skills and learn how to design and implement digital products so that they’re user-centred – and their environmental and societal impact is determined and taken into account, too. This is evidenced by our enterprise Design Thinking framework for sustainable products and our training sessions for sustainable UI design, for instance.

Getting involved & using our voice

We’re involved in initiatives such as World Cleanup Day and support social projects. A working group gathers ideas, organises campaigns and runs specific projects, such as “Lunch & learn” sessions for employees and the “reverse Advent calendar”.

“Sustainability isn’t merely a strategic approach: it’s our obligation towards our environment and community. Together, we’re shaping not just the digital transformation – but also a world that’s aligned with our values and in harmony with nature.”

Katrin Lerm
Marketing Manager, IBM iX Düsseldorf

Even more sustainable insights

Let’s shape the future of digital experiences together

Katrin Lerm
Marketing & Social Impact Managerin
Na-Young Lee
Agilty Master & Sustainability Focus Group Lead