For the industry of tomorrow

The digital transformation is changing the face of every sector – and everyone has to change with it. Industrial companies, too, need to embrace new philosophies and working methods to be ready for what the future brings.

At IBM iX, we are here to help you every step of the way, applying our digital solutions and innovative IBM technology to ensure you are fit for the future.

Our services for the industrial sector
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Pursuing innovation through AI and cloud technologies

Data is more important than ever before, but companies still often fail to use it properly. Our technologies are designed to help manufacturers bring about their digital transformation with a focus on speed and flexibility. Platforms such as IBM WatsonX use cutting-edge AI to yield fresh insights for industrial enterprises. IBM’s hybrid cloud architecture creates additional agility thanks to its responsive, user-friendly structure.

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Excellent customer experiences in an industrial environment

In many areas of industry, the customer experience has taken on a new dimension of importance since the pandemic and the supply chain issues. Technologies that help to refine digital experiences and usher in flexible processes are more important than ever.
From late deliveries to supply problems and order tracking, we establish reliable user experiences that create straightforward synergies between human beings and technology.

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Digital sales in industry

Your company can use digital technology to collate and analyse customer data in real time. By evaluating this data accurately, you gain more insight into your customers and their needs, paving the way for tailored services and offers. We use a customer data platform (CDP) and automated marketing tools to take your sales processes to new heights. Free up more time for your customers in your day-to-day business.

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Attract fresh talent

The shortage of specialists in industry is creating major challenges for many businesses. When developing new solutions, it is essential to shine the spotlight on human beings.
We leverage our extensive experience in digital communications to draw targeted attention to what you provide and enhance your employee experience in its entirety.

Our expertise at work in industry

A unique brand experience across all channels

Competition between major industrial companies, start-ups, technology players and automotive enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. We use composable digital experience platforms to help you stand out from the pack. At the same time, this enables you to improve your own internal processes.

Using and optimising technology

We believe that good experience is good business. Our digital approach is based on AI-powered virtual assistants such as chatbots and analysis-driven processes. A personalised service allows customers to communicate with you at their convenience through their preferred channel.

From idea to implementation

The IBM Garage helps companies go from bright idea to concrete project quickly and successfully. Taking the IBM Garage as our basis, we advance the digital transformation of individual companies by combining the speed of a start-up with the scale of a major enterprise.

Successful strategies and efficient communication

A strategy only succeeds if it is explained well and implemented effectively. This is why we help companies to be more specific in their communications, from short explainer videos to large-scale campaigns and from well-conceived content strategies to omnichannel sales paired with marketing automation.

Enterprise Design Thinking for more sustainability

We offer our clients individual assessments and services for more sustainability in their own companies. With IBM methods such as Enterprise Design Thinking and circular business models, we help companies to achieve their goals for sustainable development.

A collaborative approach for a sustainable future in industry

There are many challenges to overcome in industry – from a market that is constantly in flux to the ever-increasing expectations of consumers. Through our digital solutions, we help industrial companies enhance their processes, improve security and expand their distribution channels.

In short, we give our customers the support they need to improve their business performance. We work with them to introduce innovations and optimise current systems with the aim of shaping the sustainable industry of tomorrow, today.

Hot topics in the industry

“The new digital platform that IBM iX developed for Wienerberger enables us to establish closer relationships with our customers, inspire them, collaborate with them and pursue innovation together. The platform paves the way for innovative, future-oriented processes and services, opens up new business opportunities and is changing the face of our company across the entire value chain.”
Heimo Scheuch
CEO of Wienerberger AG

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Michael Brexendorff
Key Account Director, IBM iX Berlin