Unlocking Success with NFTs, Blockchain, Metaverse & Co.

The disruptive technologies of Web3 are creating enormous opportunities for new digital applications, strategies and business models. Discover the potential for your company with our Point of View (POV).

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What to expect

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What you’ll find in this POV

In our Web3 POV, you will learn why Web3, with all of its possibilities, will be a central growth driver for companies in the future and how you can secure a clear competitive advantage with a suitable strategy.


  • Definitions: What Web3 is and which key technologies are part of it.
  • Background: What is currently happening on the market and why now is the right time for a Web3 strategy.
  • Guidance: Which proven methods can be used to develop a sustainable Web3 strategy and persuade stakeholders.


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Our experts

Jérôme Biallet
Associate Director Business Design
IBM iX Berlin

Timo Sudmann
Design Director
IBM iX Berlin


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Isaac Larbi
Business Director, IBM iX Berlin