Digitisation in Healthcare

Electronic patient records, digital vaccination proof or therapy support via app – these are just a few examples of digital transformation. And the potential is not even close to being exhausted.

We support players in healthcare and life sciences in their digital transformation. Together, we work on products and services that put people at the centre.

Our services for the industry
IBM Health Garage

The IBM Garage is an end-to-end model for accelerating digital transformation. Here, we bring together experts and partners from the healthcare industry to jointly identify problems. We offer the right technologies, solutions and processes – from the initial concept to market launch and beyond. Our goal: “Speed to value”.


The IBM Garage can take place at our customers’ premises in teams consisting of their experts and ours, or together in our Health Industry Lab in Berlin. In an initial free workshop, we are happy to develop initial solution approaches and inspire you to do more in our “Lab”.  Learn more now!

Data strategies and data-driven solutions

In almost no other industry like the healthcare industry is data so important, but also so sensitive. We help not only to develop the right data strategy, but also to find and implement the appropriate technologies. Our guiding principle here is that, while adhering to the highest security and data protection standards, a good healthcare experience remains the ultimate goal.

Experience Design and Usability Test

A website or app can have great features, but if the user experience is too complex, it won’t catch on. The result: users bounce. That’s why we develop and test intuitive user interfaces that ensure a seamless healthcare experience and relieve employees.

App development

Whether data entry and transfer, appointment booking or customer contact – smartphone apps simplify the exchange between all parties involved and make internal processes clear. We develop applications that make customers feel well taken care of at all times. In doing so, we always adhere to the highest possible standards of data protection and security.


We can also ensure the connection and integration of the ever-growing building blocks of healthcare through direct access to the services on the IBM healthcare platform. These include ePA, MIOs, KIM and other components essential for future solutions.

Platform solutions

Building a platform business? No problem with us. Whether it’s creating your own platform for service offerings or linking offerings to existing platforms – we’re happy to help. In some cases, we can also use one of the many platforms we understand, such as Adobe, SAP, Salesforce, Magnolia, Coremedia or the teamplay digital health platform connect.

Go-to-market Support

The best solution is of no use if employees, partners and end users are not aware of it. That’s why we also support our customers’ digital transformation with accompanying communications. From small explainer videos to large-scale campaigns, from content strategies to omnichannel marketing with marketing automation.

We accompany the digital transformation end-to-end

Digital transformation does not just mean digitising an analogue process. It changes much more. But the digitisation of the healthcare industry in Germany is only just picking up speed. Because of the still strong sector boundaries, the multitude of regulations and the sensitivity of the data, the transformation here faces special challenges.

Our team of healthcare experts is close to the heart of developments. From networking events in the IBM Health Industry Lab to close cooperation with gematik, health insurance companies, hospitals, patient representatives and research. We not only help our customers’ projects become reality, but also accompany them through all areas of digital transformation.

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Ingo Werren
Ingo Werren
Director Digital Health, IBM iX Berlin
Oliver Keigel
Oliver Keigel
Director Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM iX Berlin