eGovernment from a single source

Our mission at IBM iX is to develop modern, digital solutions for the public sector, creating exceptional user experiences.

With experience of over 25 years and always with people at the centre. So that our country remains capable in the future.

Our services for the public sector
From a single source

We combine the best of both worlds – the fast, adaptable and creative way of working of an agency with the cutting-edge, broad spectrum of expertise of an IBM. We have the capability of an end-to-end digital transformation in our network – from strategy and creation to implementation, from idea generation to scalable platform solutions.

Dual user-centricity and teams with depth of experience

From the beginning, we think in a dual user-centric way – from the citizens and the employees. To achieve this, we provide our teams with specialisation and depth of experience. Our experts work consistently in partnership at eye level and transport innovation culture into your organisation.

Collaboration at eye level and transparency at all times

We speak the same language: Due to our many years of experience in the public sector, we know the specific framework conditions. We know all public forms of procurement and have answers for all requirements management questions. With us, you can minimize your procurement effort and quickly “get going”. We do not work for you, but with you in interdisciplinary teams. We measure the success of our solutions with data, interviews and tests.

A proven mix of methods and design-oriented work

We work with carefully coordinated and proven methods. Agile and lean ways of working ensure fast test-ready and cost-efficient results. Nevertheless, we always look closely – and choose the methods for your specific organisation and situation. We always approach your digital challenge from a holistic design perspective and analyse your actual needs. And then find the right answer for your project using technology diagnostics – and design user-friendly interactive experiences from it.

Service and process digitisation for government organisations

When we digitise services, the new user experience doesn’t end with a digital application. Our teams use their many years of experience in user experience to design new application forms, citizen services, and processes in such a way that they solve real problems and make government organisations measurably more efficient. Our experts, trained in BPMN, UML and FIM, reconcile agile development methods with the quality of classic process management.

Agile change management

Digitisation projects always lead to change. Supporting our customers in complex digitization projects requires empathy, understanding and sometimes patience. We help to carefully prepare government organizations for change, to jointly change existing role models in a healthy way, and to bring agile working methods, collaborative principles, and new ways of thinking into the organization in a way that everyone enjoys.

Change communication for public authorities

Change requires transparent, informative communication. For our experts in agile change management, it is therefore important to bring all participants along on this journey – whether citizens or public authority employees. We accompany all projects with sophisticated brand and communication strategies, develop suitable campaign concepts and finally implement the jointly developed ideas creatively while keeping an eye on the measurable goals.

Employer Branding for the public sector

We do good things and talk about them. When we accompany our customers into a digital future, we also help them become known to future employees. To counteract the shortage of skilled workers, we develop strong campaigns that communicate an even stronger employer brand to the outside world. Here we can rely on decades of expertise in digital communication so that we unerringly generate attention.

The IBM Garage is our proven agile framework with progressive methods, tools and content to develop digital experiences and experiences in partnership, quickly and sustainably.

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A proven model for success: the IBM Garage

We are your partner for a better digitised world

With our many years of experience in the public sector, we know and understand your needs and procurement channels. This is demonstrated by our customers and projects – for the German Armed Forces, the DRV, the Minijob-Zentrale, BaFin, BVG and many more.

For us, people are always the drivers of digital transformation. Only together with them can we develop innovations. If you, too, have a forward-looking understanding of the public sector that works proactively for citizens and entrepreneurs and want to make administration more agile and digital, come to us: We will guide you through the digital transformation – as a trusted partner.

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“We want a fundamental transformation toward an enabling, learning and digital state that works with foresight for citizens. (…) The administration should become more agile and digital. It must focus on interdisciplinary and creative problem-solving. We will think of it consistently from the user perspective.”

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