Best of Content Marketing Award:
IBM iX wins gold with “Minijob-Zentrale”

The IBM iX campaign "Ja sagen lohnt sich" ("Saying yes is worthwhile") won the Best of Content Marketing Award in Gold for the category “Content Campaign B2C”. The campaign, developed for the “Minijob-Zentrale” of the Knappschaft-Bahn-See in the association of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung sought to promote mini-jobber registration. The award was presented on June 2 in an online ceremony in Vienna.

Berlin, 03.06.2022 – With around 600 submissions per year, the Best of Content Marketing (BCM) Award is one of the biggest competitions for content-driven communication in Europe. Every year, the award honours the best internal and external corporate media, whether in print or digital. The over 80 categories span diverse themes from customer magazines and newsletters to conferences and events to corporate films and content campaigns. A jury of more than 200 experts critically reviews the submissions and selects one as the best of the best for each category.

Gold for an outstanding content campaign

Submitted in the category “Content Campaign B2C”, the IBM iX campaign “Ja sagen lohnt sich” (“Saying yes is worthwhile”) for the “Minijob-Zentrale” of the Knappschaft-Bahn-See, a division of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung, won gold. The campaign was able to package a very factual theme in an entertaining and informative way by addressing target groups in a creative way over a variety of channels, as well as to achieve the performance goals of the campaign. That’s what the jury rewards.

just married

Video for the campaign “Ja sagen lohnt sich” (“Saying yes is worthwhile”) for the “Minijob-Zentrale”

“Ja sagen lohnt sich” – A campaign to register mini-jobbers

9 out of 10 household workers are working illegally, even though their official registration as ‘mini-jobbers’ offers a variety of insurance, working, and financial benefits for them as well as their employer. The campaign aimed to establish the “Minijob-Zentrale” as the centralised location for all entries and registrations for mini-jobs and to explain, inform, and motivate mini-jobbers to register themselves by using the analogy of wedding vows under the motto “Saying yes is worth it”.

The campaign did not focus purely on the communication of facts, but rather on a framework of emotional communication. The broad target groups were portrayed as protagonists of the campaign videos – a babysitter, a cleaner, or an older person that needs help around the house, for example.

Reaching the very diverse target group with differing ages and socioeconomic situations required a balanced mix of formats and channels. One of these was an entertaining spot with famous actress and comedian Franziska Traub, while a variety of social media assets like Reels, TikTok-Ads, and app posts targeted younger target groups. This balanced approach was successful; the campaign was very popular and with the popularity, awareness for mini-jobber registration could be increased.

More information about the campaign can be found on the website of the Minijob-Zentrale.



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