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IBM iX helps travel and transportation companies harness the power of digital experiences to attract new customers, automate processes to be cost-efficient and establish sustainable business models with a future-proof focus.

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From strategy through design to technology – we think and work holistically.

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Omnichannel communication

We launched a custom travel platform that unites customers with employees across all channels – sales, marketing, retail, service operations and maintenance. Designed as a hybrid cloud solution, it can be deployed rapidly and is cost-efficient to run.

A holistic customer journey

We dismantle data silos and consolidate contact with customers across all sales and communication channels. By providing a comprehensive overview, you benefit from a level of interaction that allows you to meet the specific needs of users more effectively and retain customers in the long term. In turn, this allows you to provide tailored offers, services and experiences that help you stand out from the competition.

Customer care optimised the digital way

Automatic answers with a personal touch: our AI-enabled software solutions mean that standard customer queries can be answered automatically without ever losing the human factor. This improves your customer experience while enabling you to deploy resources efficiently and make financial savings.

Mobile solutions for internal communication

Our AI-enabled apps for smartphones and tablets allow you to digitalise your day-to-day tasks coordination between your employees, paving the way for you to better meet specific customer demands and resolve unforeseen incidents much quicker. This boosts customer satisfaction – but it also leaves your team happier overall. Having quick, streamlined processes to rely on makes your employees’ jobs easier, meaning they can focus more on the customer and pursue innovation.

Modern user experiences for contactless transactions

Mobile-optimized customer accounts facilitate social distancing and allow for contactless check-in/check-out, boarding and payments when shopping or in restaurants. They also make authorised access to specific service facilities much easier.

Using AI-enhanced business intelligence to make more agile decisions

Have AI work to your benefit and harness the power of systematic data analysis across the entire value chain to refine your demand forecasts, enabling you to anticipate the desires of travellers early on and tweak your offers accordingly.

The power of AI for more sustainable business

Traveller demands are changing all the time when it comes to the kind of rooms and facilities they need to have a perfect travel experience. Our data analysis solutions make it simpler to retool existing concepts on the use of permanent buildings and reduce your CO2 footprint. Find new ways to turn fixed costs into variable costs and make it easier to use resources in a much more flexible manner.

Together with IBM iX, LOT launched a new website based on the latest technology from Adobe.

IBM iX is your travel guide for your digital transformation

For travel and transportation companies, there is no going back to the old way of doing things, which is why it is more important than ever to break free of the crisis management mindset. Set your sights on a brighter tomorrow with us and establish an unassailable position in the market thanks to a future-forward strategy.

Our digital solutions can help you rebuild trust among your customers by providing personalised travel experiences that make them feel safe and secure. State-of-the-art AI technology can help you to increase your operational efficiency by reducing costs and boosting productivity. It also paves the way for agile, easily scalable business models that are ready for the future – whatever you may encounter along the way. Let us work with you and accompany you on your journey.

“The IBM iX project team helped us to develop the hub on both a strategic and technical level. This meant we could develop a new, exciting platform that is sure to inspire our customers.”
Jan Klippel
Head of Digital Experience bei Eurowings

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Tristan Reckhaus
Executive Partner/Account Director – IBM iX