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We are IBM iX, the Experience Agency of IBM Consulting. A new kind of agency combining 100 years of technological expertise with creative minds that see the people behind technology.

How do we design digitalisation today so it continues to inspire people tomorrow?

Holistic, sustainable, user-centric. If we create positive interactions and real added value for people, then we are all on the right track.

The creator’s mindset is crucial. Bringing the digital world to the next level requires experts with in-depth knowledge of business, methods, design, technology and industry, as well as a team approach, curiosity, passion and a pinch of disruptiveness. In other words: renegades and realists.

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Portrait of Tanja Waldeck

Tanja Waldeck
IBM iX Leader DACH

Portrait of Markus Dietrich

Markus Dietrich
CEO IBM iX Düsseldorf, Austria & Croatia

Portrait of Elke Roettgen

Elke Röttgen
COO IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon
Chief Design Officer IBM iX Europe

Portrait of Antje Kruse-Schomaker

Antje Kruse-Schomaker
Studio Lead IBM iX Hamburg & IBM Design Principal

Portrait of Kai Grossmann

Kai Großmann
CEO IBM iX Berlin & Switzerland

Portrait of Katina Sostmann

Katina Sostmann
Executive Director Health iX & IBM Design Principal

Portrait of Annojan Vageswaran

Annojan (Ajay) Vageeswaran
CSO IBM iX Düsseldorf

Anne Kikuts
Director Marketing IBM iX DACH

Portrait of Dominik Multhaupt

Dominik Multhaupt
Executive Director Public Sector IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Benjamin Geckle

Benjamin Geckle
Executive Director Engineering, Data & CRM IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Marko Thorhauer

Marko Thorhauer
Executive Creative Director IBM iX Berlin & IBM Design Principal

Portrait of Samira Imsirovic Kaya

Samira Imsirovic-Kaya
CTO IBM iX Düsseldorf, Austria & Croatia

Portrait of Klaus Oberlehner

Klaus Oberlehner 
Managing Partner IBM iX Düsseldorf, Austria & Croatia

Portrait of Sebastian Kubitschko

Sebastian Kubitschko
Director Tech Alliances & Strategic Research IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Julius Habenschuss

Julius Habenschuss
Business Development Lead Public Sector IBM iX Berlin

Stephan Haagen
CFO IBM iX Berlin & Cluster Focal Public Sector

Portrait of Jan Gessenhardt

Jan Gessenhardt
CIO IBM iX DACH, Insurance & Health Industry Lead IBM iX DACH

Portrait of Nicole Ruhl

Nicole Ruhl

Director Marketing & Communications, IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Jan Pilhar

Jan Pilhar
Executive Director Strategy & Business Design Consulting IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Christina Schiffler

Christina Schiffler
Executive Director Content IBM iX Berlin & IBM Design Principal

Portrait of Anja Kabakeris

Anja Kabakeris
Director Learning & Development IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Gilbert Dietrich

Gilbert Dietrich
Executive Director People IBM iX Berlin

Portrait of Ulas Bektas

Ulas Bektas
Executive Director Retail & CPG IBM iX Düsseldorf, Austria & Croatia

Career at IBM iX

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Total commitment and the right people on the right projects: we are highly motivated and ready to give our all. Are you too? We will continue to learn together by investing in the expertise of our teams.  


Curiosity, transparency, agnostic advice, networked platforms, and business models and cultures based on partnerships are the basis for successful experiences. Digital is often complex. That’s why it takes a lot of openness and flexibility to turn visions into reality. 


We use our own technologies, assets, methods and processes for rapid, tangible project results and scalable business value. With approaches such as the IBM Garage, we improve collaboration and accelerate time to market.  


A thorough understanding of human problems and behaviour is our foundation. With our industry knowledge, research and enterprise design thinking, we put people at the centre of our work and understand their expectations of excellent customer experiences.

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