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Co-create, co-execute, co-operate: Teamwork for success.

Let’s join forces to put people at the forefront of digital transformation. Our human-centered approach helps accelerate innovation and transformation at scale.
With scalable, agile frameworks like IBM Garage™ and Enterprise Design Thinking, we work on sustainable business models, digital services, and integrated
customer journeys.

We can’t wait to provide you with our expertise, passion and methodologies for your business challenge.

Radical collaboration
for new challenges

Collaboration sounds simple – but it takes training, courage and genuine partnerships to master the challenges of the digital world with agility.

We act with the creativity and speed of an agency and have the experience, scalability and tech power of IBM as well as long-term partnerships with the world’s leading experience software providers.

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Long-term partners in technology

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We provide progressive and agnostic advice based on our long-standing premium partnerships with leading providers of digital experience, sales, CRM and commerce software.

Proven frameworks

IBM Garage: Innovate like a startup, scale
like an enterprise

In an IBM Garage™, customers work side by side with IBM experts. The methodology is well-founded, tested and refined 1000 times over. Tailored to the respective industry and based on IBM’s consulting and technology expertise, we can quickly achieve added value – and save time and money.

Co-create: Interdisciplinary teams use research, business modeling, ideation and experience design to create tangible solutions for digital challenges.
Co-execute: Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and digital services are built as prototypes and tested in a timely manner.
Co-operate: Solutions are gradually expanded, implemented and scaled.

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Enterprise Design
Thinking: like a pro

Enterprise Design Thinking (EDT) is our comprehensive set of methods for solving challenges in digital business in a user-centered way.

EDT is the further development of Design Thinking for the needs of modern enterprises. Thousands of teams at IBM, in companies, organizations and educational institutions are already successfully using the framework and helping us to constantly develop it further.

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Sustainability at IBM iX

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Let’s empower sustainability in the digital age. Discover our commitment and join us in shaping a greener future through impactful digital strategies and initiatives.


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