Recap of the Vater Smart Hackathon 2022 – IBM iX Studio Berlin

Author: Daniel Schmich and Bianca Kuhl

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The 2022 orga team: Leonard Böning, Lea Kramer, Michael Vössing, Bianca Kuhl, Maximilian Schäfer, Daniel Schmich. Not in the picture: Anna Dobrowolski


The Vater Smart Hackathon was a resounding success. To face digital challenges together, around a hundred participants from the public sector met in 12 teams in Berlin and Munich or joined the event virtually.

Berlin, 24.11.2022 – At the second edition of the Vater Smart Hackathon, around a hundred participants from the public sector came together in 12 teams in Berlin and Munich, or joined the event virtually, to face digital challenges. By joining in, they showed how they can think outside the box and are open to trying new things.

Customers & challenges

The questions covered a wide range of topics: from “How can I use AI to make my day-to-day work more efficient?” to “How can I get two components into the cloud?” and “Enterprise Design Thinking” or: “How to approach a problem in an open solution room?” Participants included the German Federal Ministry of Labour, the German Federal Information Technology Centre, the German Pension Insurance Association, the German Trade Association for the Food and Hospitality sector and many more. The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) ensured that a team from outside Germany was also present for the first time!

“Together for a better digitalised (public authority) world.”

– is the motto of the Vater Smart Hackathon
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Picture of IBM Watson Center Munich Team
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Logos of Bundesagentur für Arbeit, BGN, HTWK, Deutsche Rentenversicherung, IT-Systemhaus, Informationstechnik Zentrale Bund, Minijob Zentrale, AMS
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Food for thought

Hans-Jörg Schäper, Deputy Director General of the Directorate General VI (IT) and Head of the Innovation Lab at the German Federal Ministry of Finance was a wonderful source of inspiration about the “Cloud in Public Administration” and our colleague Dr Lisa Precht proved to be an outstanding expert on the topic of “Conversational AI.”

Tech & team

The participants were impressed with the hybrid organisation and professional streaming at the Berlin, Munich, and virtual locations once again this year. More than 190 services were accessed via the IBM Cloud and Open Shift and integrated into the solution. Virtual collaboration between the teams at the various sites took place via Webex and in a dedicated Slack workspace, including individual challenge channels. Thanks to the strength and cooperation of the entire IBM (IBM Consulting, IBM Technology, IBM iX) team, we were able to provide our customers with the best possible support as they solved their challenges, creating a great customer experience.

What’s next?

To further strengthen the network concept and dialogue between the various authorities and to find out whether the solutions are being used in day-to-day life, a meeting with all participants is planned for the summer of 2023.

Due to the outstanding results and consistently positive feedback, a hackathon for the public sector is set to take place again in 2023. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to be there!

You can find the latest information here (German only): www.staat-digital.de/Hackathon




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