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While gen AI showcased its immense potential in 2023, 2024 promises to be the year where companies leverage it to drive serious business outcomes aligned with C-suite goals across the organisation. Explore how automation simplifies your sales workflows, enhances efficiency, reduces costs, and elevates your customer engagement.

Where gen AI comes into play

/imagine a world where real-life gen AI scenarios empower your business, driving commerce innovation.

Channel Orchestration & Merchandising

The exponential growth of digital sales channels and the increasing demand for personalised content have created an urgent need for automation in the creation and orchestration of content. Master your sales channels by auto-generating and fine-tuning content for user specific communication.

Lead Generation & Conversion Optimisation

In the current sales landscape, manual and time-consuming processes are impacting profitability and are hindering the effective mapping of new and existing customer business. Transform your sales funnel with AI-driven lead generation, personalised customer engagement, and optimised conversion paths.

Service Automation & Customer Loyalty

Delivering exceptional service and building customer loyalty are critical for driving growth and retaining customers. Elevate customer satisfaction and loyalty by automating personalised service experiences, streamlining support processes, and ensuring secured seamless interactions.

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Recommendation & Re-Targeting

Deliver highly personalised product suggestions through an intuitive search and recommendation process, boosting conversion rates and average order value. Automate asset organisation, optimise user queries and leverage gen AI for customer interactions.

Quotation Co-Pilot (CPQ)

Experience faster quoting and ordering processes with the quotation Co-Pilot, designed to effortlessly craft tailored solutions for each customer. Elevate sales efficiency, dynamic pricing, and opportunity qualification with gen AI.

AI Order Automation

Automate order entry for seamless purchasing, enable AI order creation to speed up Order-to-Cash process, and create AI-generated product suggestions to support your customer service team.

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