Making it easy together: digital communication on sustainability from Migros

Smartphone screen with teaser of the Migros sustainability hub


Best of Swiss Web Award Winner: At the most important Swiss digital award, the project was awarded SILVER in the Marketing category in April 2022.

Migros sustainability hub

Transparency, attitude and compelling content also strengthen Migros’ position as a pioneer in matters of sustainability – and motivate people to get involved.

When it comes to sustainability, Migros continues to achieve top marks in various ratings. And they aim to further strengthen their commitment – not just as a company but also in conjunction with their customers. With the help of IBM iX, Migros has strategically repositioned its digital communication on sustainability. Through close collaboration between strategy, editing and design, a content hub has emerged that not only informs but also involves.

Measurable success for the content hub

The new sustainability hub was integrated into the core portal and thereby moved closer to the umbrella brand. The result: the issue of sustainability is receiving more attention. As a comparison, almost twice as many visitors were recorded after the relaunch.

In addition, the complete renewal of content, structure and design has significantly increased engagement. More page views have been recorded and the bounce rate has dropped significantly.

Customer-centric approach

With the new content hub, storytelling has also changed: moving away from a purely company-centric and objective reporting position towards a collaborative approach and a customer-centric perspective on sustainability issues.

Detailed keyword analysis ensures that the new subject structure is based on the language of the user and that the content is easy to find. We also identified which sustainability issues are equally important to both Migros and users.

The information architecture was developed with the involvement of 326 users. With the help of two tree tests, we checked the new subject structure for important use cases. The feedback obtained was integrated into the creation of the new information architecture.

Illustration with sustainability subjects; such as packaging, recycling and sustainability products More sustainability subjects: Climate, Food Waste and Biodiversity

Modern visual imagery beyond green clichés

The visual imagery should also reflect sustainability. We therefore developed a flexible and reusable system for stages and teasers. A collage format makes it possible to select transparent and specific images instead of relying on metaphors and emotive pictures.

In some cases, we also reduced the number of pages and sizes of the assets. This not only ensures shorter loading times when pages are accessed but also a reduction in CO2.

Images collage on the subject of sustainability, food and nature

A picture often says more than 1,000 words: we have therefore developed a new, unique style of illustration for the sustainability hub. Amusing illustrations tell small, real-life stories and aid better understanding of complicated issues. In addition, they put a smile on the faces of the users.

Various drawings on the subject of sustainability

Sustainability only works collectively

The issue of sustainability affects everyone. All customers can contribute. The content hub offers many specific tips for everyday life. Interactive and carefully designed guides, quizzes and surveys as well as tips and tricks encourage participation.

Herbs Guide Illustration
Overview Migros quiz and information on the topic of sustainability Teaser des Migros Nachhaltigkeits Hub gezeigt auf verschiedenen Smartphone-Screens

Don’t just talk about it, do it!

Migros doesn’t just talk about sustainability but also follows through with action. And does so continually, transparently and along established standards, such as the sustainable development goals for example.

Overview sustainable development goals

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