Digitally transforming dealerships with a new e-commerce platform

Together with ALLES.AUTO, IBM iX is developing a new e-commerce platform: from buying a car, to car ownership and services, through to accessories, all the products that a traditional car dealership offers across all brands have been transported to the digital world.

When it comes to the digital transformation, dealerships have a lot of catching up to do. Online retail is becoming increasingly important, and round-the-clock accessibility regardless of location is what matters to customers. Conventional business models are becoming obsolete, while new ones are in demand and on the rise.

For the first time, ALLES.AUTO’s new cross-brand e-commerce platform will cover all of its customers’ needs when it comes to cars. These could include buying and selling a car, finding the right accessories, and booking workshop appointments or other services.

From brand to digital experience

It’s all in the name: ALLES.AUTO
means “everything to do with cars,” which speaks volumes about the product on offer. The new B2C brand was developed by the team within three months: from workshops to the market, competition, target group and trends, to secondary and primary market research and development of marketing personas, through to a brand book containing the brand positioning, values and messages.

Right from the start, we developed the ALLES.AUTO brand as a digital brand, and made consistent use of “digital first” principles of interaction and design.

The experience design of the digital platform has a flexible and modular structure based on the principle of “atomic design”. On this basis, we created a design system that enables simple expansion through the addition of new features, applications and touch points. The result of this is an innovative brand experience that stands out from the crowd.

Integrated, digital commerce solution: car buying made easy

Are you buying or selling a car, trading one in, or wanting to book an appointment or buy accessories? In future, it will be possible to process all transactions completely online on ALLES.AUTO thanks to a fully integrated customer e-commerce platform. We took high user expectations (e.g. regarding payment and financing options) into account in its development. At the same time, we achieved a simple, intuitive user experience through user-centred work at all stages of the car purchasing process.

ALLES.AUTO is the first company to consider the car purchasing process as a whole – right through to ownership. Customers are given personalised advice on a one-to-one basis at all life cycle stages. The online garage, a personalised service portal, has been created for this purpose. Customers can register their vehicle and then receive services and offers based on their individual needs. The online garage is an effective point of contact for dealers to retain customer loyalty and assist with upselling and aftersales.

“We are delighted to be working with IBM iX and their experienced staff to implement our innovative platform. We’ve taken advantage of their in-depth expertise in building e-commerce platforms to implement an end-to-end solution that will make a significant contribution to the digital transformation of the automotive trade.”
Patrick Mayer

Design and production of the platform content

IBM iX supported the design and production of all the go-live content in the form of visual assets and copy – taking into account both the brand guidelines on style and tonality, and the SEO concept.

Competitive pressure among online automotive platforms is extremely high. A high level of user-friendliness right from the MVP and clear highlighting of the USPs are therefore both of great importance. As a completely unknown player, ALLES.AUTO must establish a basis of trust in order to turn interested parties into customers and retain them in the long term. The (visual) language is therefore an important part of the brand identity.

A customisable white-label solution has been developed alongside the e-commerce platform.

This gives car dealers the opportunity to integrate the platform’s modules and features into their own websites – with a freely selectable URL, customisable design, SEO and integrated web tracking.

The colour, font and displayed logo of the white-label-capable components can be adapted to the respective CI/CD of the dealer, which means that the innovative platform technology is always available to users. Car dealers also have the option to convert their entire web presence to the white-label solution.

front-end application

Next.js as a modern framework

With Next.js, we’ve developed a multi-tenant front-end application with a monorepo approach that is SEO-friendly, responsive and rendered by the server.


The application was integrated via a headless Spryker commerce platform using a GraphQL gateway. This allowed us to significantly simplify the integration of different services and data sources.

Multi-client-capable headless CMS by Storyblok

We prepared all the components previously designed in Figma and set them up in Storyblok’s multi-tenant headless CMS, thus allowing customers to easily manage and customise the application.


This approach has optimized the process of content management. It also means that ALLES.AUTO can make changes to the application without additional development expense.

Integration of third-party libraries

These include newsletter sign-up in the CRM system, a vehicle configurator, aftersales services for the automotive industry and INDICATA’s market analysis software for managing used vehicle inventories.


The combination of all these technologies has enabled the development of a powerful and flexible e-commerce platform that meets the unique needs of ALLES.AUTO and its customers while providing a smooth and efficient user experience.

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