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In these fast-moving times, companies need to be as flexible and adaptable as never before.

They have to question, rethink and further develop their existing business models and strategies.

But developing a solid and implementable strategy in larger organisations is complex. Decision makers face multiple questions, unclear paths and missing team alignment.

Strategy Sprints are here to help.

IBM iX has got a century of human-centered tech expertise and hands-on experience with digital transformation projects.

In our Strategy Sprints, we help companies build a sound digital strategy to tackle their individual business challenges, and elaborate a ready-to-implement roadmap in just 1 week.

The Strategy Sprint is a systematic and pragmatic process to collaboratively setting goals, making informed decisions, and planning out future steps with your team.

It’s a smart way to tackle complex challenges that include knowledge gaps and missing stakeholder alignment.

Effective – We will condens months of planning into action-driven roadmaps that make your projects happen.

Clear – Proven tools and methods enable us to create a clear path everyone understands and agrees with.

Collaborative – Selected stakeholders and experts will sit together in a physical room, to share knowledge and make effective decisions.

Outcome-oriented – No one size fits it all. We create a custom session that produces the results you need to move your project forward.


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“The process was beyond our expectations. The individual components of the workshop could be flexibly adapted to our needs. Overall, it was a successful concept!”

Jan Nowak
Managing Director

A systematic,
yet flexible process


In advance of the workshop, we analyse your market, your current strategy, customer journey, system landscape and business challenges. We pre-define a target picture and stakeholder roles.

Day 1: Scoping & Vision

We kick off the Strategy Sprint with a “Vision Statement”: Goals, KPIs, the scope of this project and its dependencies. Therefore, we sum up our previous analysis, look at the company’s overall goals and identify the most profitable products and customer segments.

Day 2: Pains & Gains

On day 2 we screen your company’s and your customers’ perspective: pains, gains and potential solutions. If possible, we have a customer representative with us to really hear their experiences from first line.

Day 3: Service Blueprint

The goal of this day is to design a “Service Blueprint” that outlines technical requirements. Therefore, we elaborate selected solutions to the previously identified pain points. By leveraging the expertise of different departments, we make sure they profitable and technically feasable.

Day 4: Target Architecture & Fit-Gap Analysis

To develop your target architecture, we evaluate and prioritise the selected solutions according to impact and feasability. We use our tried and tested IBM iX reference architecture as a foundation, by making make sure to align with your company’s IT strategy.

Day 5: Roadmap & Presentation of Results

On the last day, we transform your target setup into a roadmap of concrete measures, incl. effort estimation and responsabilities. Depending on the project, the next steps can vary from a refined UX strategy, data strategy or feature prototyping.


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Let’s make a difference to your business

Make your digital strategy a revenue driver

Whether you’re building a new business, product strategy, or digital infrastructure, our methods are made to focus on your business outcome. You will leverage technology to be ahead of your market and leverage new opportunities as they arise

Stop wasting time and money

No more useless planning meetings. The Strategy Sprint gets you to a clear path with cross-functional alignment and stakeholder buy-in. You will speed up time to implementation, and once it’s done, streamline your internal processes.

Make customers love you

Customer experience is the new way to win. And it stands at the heart of IBM iX’s expertise and work. Thanks to our experts from UX, data analytics to platform management, we help you create intelligent customer journeys and boost your customer lifecycle value.

The key to success with your Strategy Sprint lies in careful preparation. That’s why we always schedule one or two calls with our consultants to ensure that the workshop is tailored to your specific goals and needs.

These calls are free of charge and non-binding.

Just fill out the form and we are happy to get back to you.

Maximilian Anger
Head of Digital Strategy Consulting, IBM iX DACH

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