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Co-create, co-execute, co-operate: success starts with a team.

Let’s join forces to advance digital transformation! You bring the business challenge – we’ll bring the know-how, the passion and the methods.

With scalable, agile frameworks such as the IBM Garage™ and Enterprise Design Thinking, we are working on sustainable business models, digital services and integrated customer journeys.

Collaboration sounds easy – but it takes training, courage and true partnership to collaborate in an agile way and master the challenges of the digital world.

We act with the creativity and speed of an agency, while leveraging the experience, scalability and tech power of IBM, as well as our long-term partnerships with the world’s leading software providers.

We work on an equal footing with our customers – and quickly immerse ourselves into industries, structures, processes and teams.

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Powerful cloud platform for creating, delivering and optimising digital experiences.


Headless content management as a strategic tool for brand experience orchestration.


More speed and flexibility in experience management thanks to a combination of headless content and a modular digital experience platform.


Web content management and digital experience platform for relevant, highly personalised content and seamless customer experiences.


Composable commerce solution that enables organizations to successfully leverage innovation while adapting their commerce architecture to evolving business and customer requirements.


Contentful helps companies unlock the power of digital content so they can build faster and deliver at scale, making their content a strategic business asset.

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Many more close partnerships with leading software & tech providers like Apple, Samsung, Figma, Invision, Atlassian and more.

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IBM Garage: Where innovation and transformation come together

In an IBM Garage™, customers work side-by-side with IBM experts. The methodology is well-founded, has been tested over a thousand times and refined. The IBM Garage™ is tailored to meet industry-specific challenges and based on IBM’s consulting and technological expertise to quickly add value and save time and money.

Co-create: interdisciplinary teams create tangible solutions to digital challenges using research, business modelling, ideation and experience design.

Co-execute: minimum viable products (MVPs) and digital services are built as prototypes and tested promptly.

Co-operate: solutions are gradually expanded, implemented and scaled.

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IBM’s Enterprise Design Thinking (EDT) is our comprehensive toolbox of methods to solve ‘wicked challenges’ in digital business in a user-centred way.

Together, we observe, understand and reflect on human behaviour, while approaching design solutions iteratively, in interdisciplinary teams, and with empathy, joy and passion.

EDT takes design thinking further, to meet the needs of modern enterprises. Thousands of teams, both at IBM and in other companies, organisations and educational institutions, are already using the framework successfully and helping to constantly develop it further.

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