Customer Data Platforms

Have vendors finally invented a solution that solves all the pain points that companies are trying to resolve to achieve the personalisation on the 1 to 1 level with the Customer Data Platforms?

Currently, several companies consider investing into a CDP. Sometimes there is the subject of a holy grail with the expectation that it will resolve nearly magically not only the topics like data silos, 3rd party cookie deprecation but also any organisational issues. Is that really the case? In our video our colleagues Omar and Inge discuss the following:

– Which issues a CDP can really resolve.
– Why should the introduction of a CDP also involve organisational changes.
– How to monetise the value of a CDP.

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Omar el Agrebi

Omar El Agrebi
Director Sales & Alliance, IBM iX Wien
Inge Scheibel

Inge Scheibel

Inge Scheibel
Principal Solution Consultant, IBM iX Dusseldorf

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