Customer Data Platforms

Why do they matter and how to get the highest value out of them? Find out in our Expert Talk video recording!

Did you know, 94%* of marketers report experiencing challenges deriving actionable insights from data in their organization.

This is amplified by vast amounts of data, complex organizational siloes and a lack of techonology and tools to connect the dots.

This is where Customer Data Platforms (CDP) come in. In our IBM iX Expert Talk, Omar El Agrebi and Inge Scheibel discuss how to leverage a CDP, focusing on:

– What problems a CDP can really solve.
– Why the introduction of a CDP should also bring organizational changes
– How to monetize the value of a CDP

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Omar El Agrebi
Director Sales & Alliance | Adobe Lead DACH
Inge Scheibel
Inge Scheibel
Principal Solution Consultant, IBM iX Dusseldorf