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Pioneer in digitalisation of the fiber supply chain

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From paper to a digital experience platform that creates maximum flexibility for the client’s customers.


A one-stop digital hub enabling traceability of raw materials to finished products, and enhancing efficiency with a digitalised workflow.

A growing number of brands and retailers are realizing the urgency to re-evaluate their existing practices and make sustainability a business imperative. As a leading provider of sustainably produced wood-based cellulosic fibers, the Lenzing Group provides solutions and technology that empower brands and retailers to trace and verify their raw materials along the value chain, enhancing visibility and transparency from fiber to finished product. In cooperation with IBM iX, Lenzing took on the mission to move from a paper-based certification and verification process for fibers and fabrics, to an all-digital experience by introducing the Lenzing E-Branding Service platform.

Driving transparency and traceability across supply chains

Turning complex business requirements and processes into digital services with SAP CX

For more than eight decades, Lenzing has been a global leader in the production of sustainable, high-quality and biodegradable fibers that are used in industries ranging from fashion and textile to beauty, hygiene and industrial applications. Holding over 2,700 patents, they are most well-known for their trademarks TENCEL™, VEOCEL™, LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and LENZING™.

From concept to implementation, IBM iX’s Customer Experience Strategy and Design team worked hand in hand with Lenzing to develop a user-friendly solution, based on SAP CX Commerce Cloud technology.

The result: A successful first launch of the E-Branding Service platform in 2018. The platform provides value chain partners and brands with an access point that supports their verification, certification, licensing and marketing needs.

It’s a state-of-the-art online system that eliminates the use of paper and reduces manual effort by enhancing efficiency and digitizing workflows for the entire supply chain. The creation of the Lenzing E-Branding Service in collaboration with IBM iX provides a crucial platform which verifies the presence of Lenzing’s fibers throughout the supply chain to the finished product. It also provides confidence and assurance to partners and brands that their products are produced using materials from sustainable sources using responsible production processes.

Fabric certification, license application and access to Lenzing’s product brands

On the Lenzing E-Branding Service platform, users can access licensing agreements, fabric certificates and branding materials such as physical and digital hangtags and other content to communicate their commitment to sustainability and market their sustainably produced products to consumers. The platform also supports Lenzing’s customers with a variety of resources, including branding guidelines and technical data. In case of questions, a dedicated E-Branding Service Helpdesk team is there to assist.

Expanding the platform’s coverage by adding new user-centred features

Lenzing and IBM iX have continuously enhanced the B2B portal by engaging Lenzing’s customers for feedback, further optimizing the user experience and adding new features to drive customer engagement.

A new digitised Artwork Approval workflow was launched in 2022 to address the growing need from retail brands for co-branded marketing content. Another new addition is the Fiber Blending Quick Check Tool which provides customers with an overview of the marketing assets they would have access to based on the fiber composition of their products. This helps brands in promoting their end products to consumers. The platform also supports different language options, enabling a more personalized experience for users across the globe.

“Since the launch of the Lenzing E-Branding Service portal in 2018, the volume of applications for licenses and hangtags has grown more than 40 % annually on a compounded basis. This has helped us to put our brands on millions of products sold in shops and E-commerce channels worldwide.”
Daniel Leong
Global Head of Digital Customer Experience, Lenzing

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