Siemens: Strategy for Sales Excellence


IBM iX consulted Sales Excellence for Siemens Smart Infrastructure in Germany on accelerating sales efficiency and engaging employees.

This included setting the north star for Sales Excellence with focus on the offer process and deriving strategic measures and quick wins to drive further digitisation and automation based on data and insights. For clients and partners this means stronger collaboration, reduced time to offer and higher efficiency as part of the sales process. For Sales Excellence, this is one step closer to their future ambition to enable the sales organisation to drive transformation.

Revolutionising Sales Excellence, driving efficiency and personalisation for client success

New ways to digital growth

With a strong regional presence and constantly growing business performance, Siemens Smart Infrastructure in Germany seeks further ways to foster client and partner relationships, leverage the transformation of their own business model and expand business through verticalisation and digitisation. With the desire to improve efficiency in sales and increase the number of new and existing clients to be served more personalised, Siemens Smart Infrastructure in Germany wanted a partner with relevant industry experience that dives deep into their business needs and processes to envision the future of Sales Excellence.

Strategic guidance for more productivity

IBM iX and Siemens Sales Excellence for Smart Infrastructure in Germany collaborated in a two-day innovation workshop bringing together sales and industry experts under strategic guidance. Within this cross-functional setup, the team defined an ambitious target state in line with the overarching business strategy based on the specific needs of Siemens Smart Infrastructure as well as best practices and benchmarks provided by IBM iX. Furthermore, the team derived strategic measures and quick wins to provide instant improvements to productivity and efficiency.


Sales innovation within two days

Siemens Sales Excellence for Smart Infrastructure in Germany is in the perfect position to steer implementation of short- and long-term improvements that ensure more qualified opportunities, significantly decrease handling times, and increase order volume, frequency, and profitability while raising employee and client satisfaction as well as reporting quality. The shared and jointly developed strategy is the foundation to further digitise and automatise processes efficiently, scale a holistic portfolio profitably and excite sales employees, clients, and partners in their quest to transform the everyday.

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