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IBM iX is a long-standing Platinum Partner for SAP CX and SAP Commerce, Marketing and Customer Data Cloud implementation. We support our customers on their way to seamless and hyper-personalised customer journeys.

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Our core services

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Seamless experience
– across all channels

Our approaches

Together with SAP CX, we help you build an Experience Economy.

Advisory Services

We analyze and evaluate current experience, strategies and channels.

– A joint team of strategists, designers, business and technical consultants will support the development of a foundational strategy
– Our advisory services can be applied to any business with digital commerce.

Our Services have two layers: Umbrella services for general issues and supplementary services tailored to your specific needs.

Customer Data Platforms Evaluation

We examine your system landscape and evaluate the added value a Customer Data Platform (CDP) has in store for you. Implementing a Customer Data Platform helps you:

– Understand the context of customers at all times and touchpoints.
– Collect data and utilize insights in real-time for hyper-relevant content.

However, CDPs do not replace a holistic data management strategy. Together, we will analyze and discuss all pros and cons.

Let’s take your business to the next level.


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All SAP CX and Cloud
products at a glance

SAP Customer Data Cloud

Grow your audience and build trusted, personal customer relationships.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud helps you truly bond with your customers by fueling personalized digital engagements.

Supported by permission-based, first-party data, the cloud-native portfolio enables businesses to identify and engage consumers at scale. The long-term goal of the SAP Customer Data Cloud is to build rich, unified customer profiles to power marketing, sales, and service strategies.

SAP Marketing Cloud

Craft your future-proof marketing strategy with data.

The SAP Marketing Cloud provides you with a user-friendly business intelligence system that brings together data from across your company.

The database supplies you with a holistic view of your customers and shows the effectiveness of your marketing. With the information the SAP Marketing Cloud collects, you will be able to confidently make decisions and optimize your ROI.

SAP Commerce Cloud

A one-stop platform to connect all the vital organs of your company.

The SAP Commerce Cloud is based on agile microservices and is constructed API-first to make the integration in your ecosystem quick and easy.

The software service seamlessly connects the front office and back office and delivers quality experiences for your customers on every channel. The SAP Commerce Cloud helps you match demand with supply—both from an operational perspective and brand perspective.

SAP Sales Cloud

Gives your sales reps the tools they need to deliver information to customers quickly and accurately.

The SAP Sales Cloud portfolio automates the quote-to-cash cycle. The quote and proposal process enables sales reps to configure quotes on complex offerings in minutes, not days. Contract lifecycle management takes a contract through to completion with the least amount of friction.

Combined with the ability to monetize offers to meet your business objectives, sales performance management helps ensure territories and quotas are in sync and reps are motivated by topline objectives set by you. 

SAP Service Cloud

Gives instant experience feedback to enable you to take immediate action.

The service helps you deliver better customer experiences at the moment it matters most—enabling effortless self-service, supporting omnichannel customer engagement, providing on-demand field service, and bridging the gap between the front line and your operational systems.

With embedded artificial intelligence (AI), you can automate and accelerate your service processes. Easy-to-build chatbots take care of routine and repetitive tasks, giving human service reps time to deal with complex inquiries. The Internet of Things and predictive maintenance enable the replacement of parts before they fail, keeping downtime to a minimum.

SAP Qualtrics

Turns customer experience data into actionable items.

The Qualtrics Experience Manager (XM) allows you to create, monitor, manage and track every feedback and experience on a single platform. With our robust research and feedback tools, you can easily collect X-data and combine it with your O-data that we pull from your existing business systems such as HRIS, CRM and web analytics.
Using advanced AI and machine learning, you can gain deep insights and make connections between your experiences with customers, employees, products and brands to close experience gaps and improve your business performance.

„The new online channel, enabled by SAP Commerce for B2B and IBM iX, supports our strategy of extending and reinventing Doka’s business model.”

Gerald Haring
Head of e-Commerce – Doka Group

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Dr. Christian Tribowski
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