A day with Susi – Product Owner at IBM iX

Date: 2022/02/21

Susi Loll IBM IX

Susi has been working as a product owner at studio Düsseldorf since 2020. Through her media management studies in Wiesbaden, she found the way into the world of digital media. She became aware of IBM iX through a job advertisement and ventured into 2020 the change from account manager to product owner. She liked the dynamic and agile way of working that is common in all our studios and customer projects is lived. Now Susi has been a product owner for 1.5 years in action for us. Her initial fears about the difficulty of making contacts in home office quickly proved to be unfounded. People became “favorite colleagues” over time. Nevertheless, she is happy about every day that she can spend in the office.

Susi’s stations to become a product owner:

– Media management studies in Wiesbaden
– Project manager digital agency
– Account manager in a digital agency

Susi works at one of our locations in Germany. Here you can find more information about our iX Studio in Düsseldorf.


7.30 a.m

Routine is the be-all and end-all

Susi takes her first steps in the morning in the park right around the corner. On home office days, the morning round replaces her commute to the Düsseldorf studio. Routines are particularly important to Susi. In this way succeed also in the home office the separation between work and private life. After Susi goes to her place of work for breakfast – the day can start!


8:30 a.m

Always up to date

Even if there is no typical working day for Susi as Product Owner (PO), it starts usually with new challenges – and a so-called ‘daily’ call. This serves to exchange ideas with colleagues from the team. To ensure that everyone has a good overview, the current status of the project is shared and discussed. Even her emails don’t go unanswered for long. A look at the calendar is enough and Susi knows what tasks await her today.


10 a.m

An exchange must not be missing

On days when a sprint change is due, Susi’s calendar is well filled with appointments. The “daily” is then followed by appointments such as the sprint review or the sprint planning. If you are in the course of the sprint, there are other meeting formats, such as refinement sessions for revising user stories, team retrospectives or regular consultations with the stakeholders of the project on the customer side. Even Internal appointments with the line manager for personal and professional further developments are scheduled on a weekly basis.


12 p.m

Stay active

Time for a break. As an active person, Susi is missing this far in the home office enough exercise. She therefore likes to take part in our Active Break Sessions or Yoga classes, which are mainly about stretching and loosening the muscles walking. She often spends her lunch break with grocery shopping and cooking. On beautiful days there is still time for sun and fresh air on the balcony.


1 p.m

Communication is everything

At work as a PO, communicating with the team and clients is most important. That’s why Susi continues with meetings in the afternoon. On quieter afternoons, she takes time for “project hygiene”. To include billing the customer or updating of project controlling, so that costs and profitability are always kept in view.


4:30 p.m

Snack yourself happy

To keep her spirits up in the afternoon, Susi sometimes helps herself to a snack or a short coffee talk with her colleagues. The (digital) get-togethers have a positive effect on Susi’s mental health, which is very important to her. Fortunately, IBM and IBM iX provide an extensive range of help hotlines, training courses, and useful links and knowledge sources.


5 p.m

Organisation Queen

In order to coordinate her tasks, Susi created her own structure in Trello. Here she goes through her to-dos at the end of the day and prepares for the upcoming day. When the laptop is closed the day has officially ended for Susi.


From 6 p.m.

As a creative person, Susi can relax and unwind after work – preferably by painting. She creates a further balance through sport or a meeting with friends. The daily evening walk is also a must!

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