Driven by Dreams: IBM iX sets the course for relaunch of Porsche Experience

IBM iX is working with Porsche on the relaunch of the ‘Porsche Experience’ – a website for unique experiences with the sports car brand from Stuttgart. IBM iX ensures a unique customer journey from the very beginning.

Ferdinand Porsche couldn’t find the car he had always dreamed of – so he decided to build it himself. ‘Driven by Dreams’ is therefore the sports car manufacturer’s motto. IBM iX is helping the Stuttgart-based company to turn this promise into a reality. We are working together on the digital relaunch of the ‘Porsche Experience’ platform and developing a unique customer experience.

With exclusive driving experiences and driver safety training in the most beautiful places in the world, Porsche offers its customers the pleasure of an authentic Porsche driving experience. The Porsche feeling is not only required behind the wheel of the current models leaving the plants but also along the entire customer journey. From the first visit to the website and the selection of the respective Porsche event to the booking process and the later ultimate driving experience – customers will experience the significance of Porsche, true to the motto: ‘Driven by Dreams’.

Greater usability and exciting insights

What this requires is first-class website usability – both for users looking for the next Porsche experience and for employees who want to create events and thrilling content for their own target group as simply as possible. In practice, for us as a partner, these requirements mean: Porsche Experience requires fast loading times, an appealing design, intuitive user guidance on the website, and self-explanatory navigation that meets the demands of Porsche fans worldwide. The promise is a thrilling customer experience in Porsche Design that is also without barriers.

After a technical review of the existing solution, we are rebuilding the customer portal, the admin portal, and the booking system from scratch. To do this, we use a flexible headless microservice architecture that we developed on the Angular platform. Through our approach, we enable our partner Porsche Experience to view detailed data on user behaviour and to call up important insights and management reports. For Porsche employees, the effort required to maintain the system is greatly reduced, while Porsche customers have faster and very simple access to the exciting experiences with the brand.

In the future, it will be a matter of integrating ‘Porsche Experience’ into the existing CMS system. This will provide users with a holistic platform and offer customers a unique customer experience across all touchpoints. Porsche thereby benefits from our many years of experience in building digital platforms, handling the latest Sitecore technology, and designing individual customer experiences for a unique brand experience.



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