Meet IBM iX at OMR 2024

7 & 8 May | Hamburg Messe | Hall A4, Booth H03

Experience the Human Factor:
Connect with the people behind the technology at Europe’s leading digital marketing event.

Explore how imagination becomes innovation – with IBM iX.

The digital universe is coming together for the OMR Festival in Hamburg to discuss insights on current trends and developments. And IBM iX is part of it. We are the Experience Agency of IBM Consulting. A new kind of agency, powered by a century of human-centred tech expertise. We’re here to accompany you on your growth path led by human inspiration and technical know-how. Because real progress is driven by people’s imagination.

We believe in the power of real connections and interactions. Let’s meet at OMR and turn your business visions into reality. Book a personal meeting at the IBM iX coffee bar and talk to our industry and talent experts about the future of your business or career.

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Hot stuff to look forward to

Connect with us at the IBM iX Coffee Bar

Grab your favorite brew and engage with our diverse team of experts who are passionate about understanding your business challenges and helping you unlock new opportunities. Register now for a personal meeting!

Explore the IBM iX Sneaker Store

Imagine a sneaker that tells your brand’s story: Experience how IBM WatsonX and Adobe Edge Delivery bring your brand to life in this personalised sales storefront. Look forward to more exciting use cases.

Be part of the Composable Commerce & GenAI Masterclass

Let’s put AI into action for hyper-personalised Composable Commerce Excellence. Join our Masterclass and discover how AI supercharges efficiency by syncing with Composable Commerce – creating hyper-personalised experiences.



Join our Masterclass with Salesforce and MOL

You want to learn how to master customer loyalty with hyper-personalisation – augmented by generative AI? Then join our Masterclass with Salesforce and MOL. Explore Salesforce’s multi-cloud digital solution as a fresh approach to the retail landscape.



Join our booth party with Contentful & Commercetools

It’s all about connection. We look forward to celebrating the first day together with you at the IBM iX booth party. Enjoy the festival vibe with good music and cold drinks. Tuesday, 7 May, 6–9 pm, Hall A4, Booth H03.

Experience the exclusive IBM Lounge next to the Red Stage

Join our experts for a personal 1:1 meeting at the IBM Lounge and experience personal discussions, networking, and cold drinks – next to famous innovative minds and their keynotes about the future of marketing and technology.


Explore the highlights from IBM iX at OMR 2024

Gen AI takes center stage

Use gen AI as a booster for exceptional digital experiences. Unlock innovation, efficiency, and personalisation like never before. Let us help you turn the hype into reality and elevate your success in the digital landscape.

Stay ahead of the Commerce Curve

Embrace the future of digital commerce with Composable Commerce. As digital commerce business models evolve, businesses need flexibility and agility to meet ever-changing customer requirements. Legacy systems and customisation challenges no longer have to hinder your success. Explore our Composable Commerce solutions. Let gen AI accelerate your journey towards greater efficiency, innovation, and hyper-personalisation at scale.

Power up your Content Supply Chain

Deliver targeted, multi-channel campaigns at scale. Global brands face the challenge of meeting personalisation demands beyond human capacity. Our end-to-end, cost-effective solutions streamline content planning, creation, management, and delivery. Experience the power of gen AI in optimising your content supply chain for efficient and impactful campaigns.

Unleash the potential of Data-Driven Marketing

Deliver a seamless and personalised customer experience. In today’s digital world, businesses need data-driven marketing strategies to segment target groups and optimise customer interactions. Let us show you how to leverage data, technology, and automation for marketing orchestration. With gen AI as your accelerator, enhance customer engagement and drive business growth.

Let’s meet at OMR and talk about the opportunities for your business!


Connect with our people onsite – Hall A4, Booth H03

Portrait of Tanja Waldeck

Tanja Waldeck

Partner – IBM iX Leader DACH


Markus Dietrich

CEO IBM iX Dusseldorf, Austria, Croatia


Daniel Simon

Chief Design Officer, IBM iX Europe | IBM iX Berlin

Annojan Vageswaaran

Chief Sales Officer, IBM iX Duesseldorf, Austria, Croatia

Samira Imsirovic-Kaya

Chief Technology Officer, IBM iX Dusseldorf, Austria, Croatia

Omar El Agrebi

Director Sales & Alliance, IBM iX DACH | Adobe GTM Geo-lead for DACH

Heramb Velankar

Director – Commerce Platforms Consulting, IBM iX DACH

Tristan Reckhaus

Executive Director / Account Partner – T&T Cluster Lead, IBM iX DACH

Fabian Link

Executive Director Salesforce Practice Lead, IBM iX DACH

Kerstin Lomb

Partner EMEA Customer Transformation Marketing, EMEA

Julius Habenschuss

Sales Focal, IBM iX Berlin

Anne Kikuts

Director Marketing, IBM iX Dusseldorf

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