Meet IBM iX at OMR Festival 2023

9 & 10 May 2023
Hamburg Messe | Hall A4, Booth H03

Take a break from the hype: Have a drink with our experts at the IBM iX bar and talk about how end-to-end experiences can accelerate your business.


Save your seat at the IBM iX bar

Ever experienced digital transformation on the rocks?

The digital universe is once again coming together for the OMR Festival in Hamburg – and IBM iX is part of it. We are the Experience Agency of IBM Consulting. A consultancy, digital agency, design studio and tech company all rolled into one. We take care of your digital transformation – by putting people at the centre of it.

Take a break from the festival hype and focus on you: Book a seat at the IBM iX bar with one of our industry or talent experts to talk about the future of your business or career.

Get the full expertise on Data-driven Marketing, DXP, and Content & Workflows

Know your customers without ever meeting them

It has become a key driver for businesses to deliver a holisitic and personalised Customer Experience across all channels. In order to strategically segment target groups, evaluate marketing channels and draw relevant insights from data, digitalisation in the marketing sector is indispensable. Let’s talk about what Data-driven Marketing can do for your business.

DXP: A solution that still works the day after tomorrow

Increased customer expectations and new players disrupting existing business model are creating the need to redesign the digital Customer Experience. Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) support the orchestration of digital experiences. Let’s have a closer look at why DXP is the best thing that can happen to your business, your customers and your employees.

Achieve maximum effect with optimised Content & Workflow

What is an asset at the end of the day? This may look different for each company, but what is common for most companies: They do not have a central hub of managing these assets. Reduce the administrative effort of managing assets and implement your DAM. With the right Content & Workflow ensure consistency in your brand and corporate image, optimised content creation, SEO and marketing ressource management.

What can we do for your business? Let’s talk about it!

Save your seat at the IBM iX bar

Meet our strong line-up

Portrait of Marko Thorhauer

Marko Thorhauer

Experience Design & Mobile Leader IBM iX DACH, Executive Creative Director, Design Principal


Inge Scheibel

Inge Scheibel

Principal Solution Consultant, IBM iX Dusseldorf

Portrait of Jan Pilhar

Jan Pilhar

Executive Director Strategy & Business Design, IBM iX Berlin

Kerstin Lomb

Kerstin Lomb

Partner Customer Transformation Marketing – EMEA

Burkhard Müller

Burkhard Müller

Chief Digital Officer, Mutabor
Vorstand Digital, ADC

9 May – 1.30 PM, Kerstin Lomb

The evolution of data-driven marketing: with ChatGPT to marketing on steroids

Data driven marketing has been around quite a while and concepts to mitigate the elimination of 3rd party cookies haven been discussed at length. Yet, data driven marketing just gets a new spin to it. ChatGPT, a large language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture, can be a valuable tool for marketers looking to improve customer engagement, collect and analyse valuable data.

9 May – 5.00 PM, Marko Thorhauer & Burkhard Müller

Creativity and Artificial Intelligence: Will creators become curators?

Artificial Intelligence is talk of town: How will Chat GPT, Midjourney, Dall-E and other rising AI tools change our ways of working, especially in creativity and design? Will creatives become curators? How to create great digital experiences, with the help of AI? What about ethics, copyright, bias, sustainability and societal side effects? In this talk in collaboration with the Art Directors Club of Germany (ADC), Marko Thorhauer (IBM iX) and Burkhard Müller (Mutabor, ADC) will discuss recent developments, trends and future scenarios.

10 May – 11.30 AM, Jan Pilhar

DXP: Leveraging the right platform to power next-level digital experiences

Digital Experience Platforms are the backbone of modern marketing, commerce and service offerings that truly excite customers, employees and partners. With open and modular architectures they allow for accelerated deployment and flexible composition of capabilities to grow with your needs. Yet, there are some fundamental choices that determine the success of your DXP project. Equally important, it’s not only about technology. You need to enable your people to leverage all the possibilities afforded by a DXP. In this talk we will give you a fast-paced overview over the crucial topics to consider when rethinking your technology stack for better digital experiences.

10 May – 1.30 PM, Inge Scheibel

A new era of Content & Workflows: Why you have to give up manual ways of working

You probably heard the GraphQL buzzword quite often. But did you ever find the time to try it yourself?

This workshop will be a great opportunity to do exactly that. It is time to compare your usual REST APIs with GraphQL. After the difference is clarified, we will start off by defining a GraphQL Schema. Together, we will build a GraphQL server in plain Java from scratch. We will take a look at GraphQL resolvers and explain nodes and edges. Once we set up the service, we’ll also create a simple client. We’ll see how to perform CRUD operations using GraphQL queries and mutations.

Just fill in the form, choose your preferred time slot and topic and meet with one of our business or talent people.

Curious? We’d love to see you in Hamburg.

Annojan Vageeswaran
Chief Sales Officer IBM iX Dusseldorf, Austria, Croatia
Dark haired man wearing leather jacket.
Daniel Simon
Chief Design Officer IBM iX Europe, IBM iX Berlin

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