Improving Customer Care by Publishing with GenAI

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Converting Complex Content into Easy-to-Understand Articles

In Germany, Minijob-Zentrale (MJZ) is the central agency for collecting and reporting information for all marginal part-time jobs (minijobs). MJZ editors must inform their target audiences about recent news and changes. But preparing complex regulatory content in a way that is easy to understand, publishing appealing articles, and being creative at the same time can be somewhat challenging.

Enhancing the Publishing Process with Generative AI

MJZ collaborated with IBM Client Engineering and IBM iX Content and UX Design to explore ways to meet their publishing challenges. Together, they used to help analyze their editorial workflows and co-created wireframes and depicted the first vision of an editorial assistant before the technical realization started. Mini, the editorial assistant, covers idea generation and shares inspiration. Mini also helps editors to simplify texts and to adapt them for a selected target group. The prototype shows how generative AI supports and augments the editorial workflow in various phases.

“With this tool, we will need only a quarter of the time compared to before to plan, write and publish an article.”
Madeline Scholz
Minijob Zentrale

Generative AI Leads to Inspiration, Empathy, and Better Customer Care

Applying generative AI to Mini injected additional guidance and inspiration into the editorial process by reducing tedious, time-consuming work and finding a simpler language while MJZ editors are still able to maintain full control and maximum creativity. Editors discovered that the GenAI solution helps by generating variants and outputting valuable text examples for editors to choose from. In addition, tedious tasks now take less time because GenAi can cull together research of already published content and then offer a few suggestions for keywords to jumpstart the writing, saving time for the writers. GenAi is also able to offer more empathy for the target audiences in the creation process, literally at the push of a button, making it easier for editors to adopt their target users’ point of view.

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