Marketing Success with Generative AI: Best Practices for Pharma and Life Sciences

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What you will learn in this guide

Meet ISA, the AI-powered chatbot for Berlin-Chemie.

In this guide, you’ll learn what you need to know about generative AI for the life sciences and pharma industry, specifically for marketing applications. We’ll address the challenges that arise in this heavily regulated industry and provide you with technical and methodological tips on how to overcome them.

Using various practical examples, we’ll explain the AI development steps in detail, from start to finish. One example is the ISA chatbot (Intelligent Quick Assistant) developed by IBM iX for the pharmaceutical company Berlin-Chemie, which is based on generative AI and scientifically grounded data and further develops the concept of digital therapy support.

IBM has a long history of developing and applying AI technologies, including groundbreaking AI systems like IBM Watson. With over 20,000 data scientists and AI experts worldwide, working across various industries, including healthcare and life sciences, IBM is well-positioned to provide expertise in this area. Get your free copy now >

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Ingo Werren
Ingo Werren
Director Digital Health, IBM iX Berlin
Oliver Keigel
Oliver Keigel
Director Healthcare & Life Sciences, IBM iX Berlin