neosfer and IBM iX make businesses Web3-ready with the Metaverse Circle

Frankfurt am Main / Berlin, 30 November 2023 – Companies everywhere are currently striving to assess the options offered by Web3 and the metaverse while identifying possible use cases for their business. As an expert in digital customer experiences, IBM iX has partnered with neosfer, an early-stage investor and the innovation unit of the Commerzbank Group, to launch the Metaverse Circle. This is a platform where experts and leading companies from the DACH region can convene to validate and co-develop innovative use cases and prototypes and prepare them for market launch.

Experienced Web3 and metaverse experts

As one of the largest providers of digital experience services globally, IBM iX, the experience design partner within IBM Consulting, assists companies and brands with their digital transformation. By contrast, neosfer’s primary focus is on analysing future technologies relevant to society and the economy. This also involves championing and developing sustainable digital solutions. Both companies bring to the table extensive expertise and methodologies from countless successful metaverse and Web3 reference projects – and both have established themselves as pioneers in this field.

A unique source of innovation and knowledge

The Metaverse Circle provides businesses with access to a network of international experts who hold regular talks presenting cross-industry use cases and best practices derived from their project work. Participants have the opportunity to build valuable expertise in Web3 and to implement their own metaverse projects with support from the circle.

Exchanging experiences in a cross-industry network

At the heart of the Metaverse Circle is a structured, cross-industry innovation process that is based on tried-and-tested tools and methodologies made available by IBM iX and neosfer. Mutual inspiration and open exchange are the central pillars of this process, and the initiators hope to enable companies to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

“In my day-to-day work, I see great interest among my customers when it comes to the possibilities of Web3. They also want to understand existing and new business models in more detail. IBM iX and neosfer give companies access to the expert knowledge we have acquired through our many international projects, and to the necessary skills and technologies behind it all,” says Ilker Uzkan, Banking Lead DACH at IBM iX, IBM Consulting.

Kai Werner, Managing Director of neosfer alongside Matthias Lais, offers his take: “The Metaverse Circle gives companies access to a unique source of innovation and knowledge about Web3 and serves as a solid basis for making strategic decisions regarding how to tackle the metaverse.”

More information is available (in German) at https://neosfer.de/metaverse-circle/ or https://ibmix.de/metaverse-circle. Companies interested in participating should get in touch directly with Ilker Uzkan, Banking Lead DACH at IBM iX, IBM Consulting (ilker.uzkan@ibmix.de) or Giacomo Fanigliulo, Venture Building Manager at neosfer (giacomo.fanigliulo@neosfer.com). Alternatively, you can send a message to the neosfer info email address: metaverse-circle@neosfer.com.

About neosfer

neosfer GmbH, an early-stage investor and innovation unit of the Commerzbank Group, supports future technologies relevant to society and the economy, and champions and develops sustainable digital solutions, making them a lucrative prospect for Commerzbank and its customers. It does so through its three core areas: invest, build and connect. neosfer provides access to innovation through strategic venture capital (invest), technologies and business models developed in-house (build) and support for ecosystems helping to create a sustainable, digital future society (connect).

With a portfolio of more than 30 digital and sustainable startups, the company keeps the future firmly in sight at all times and is always evolving. Several successful prototypes have already been launched via the company and are now being used by the Commerzbank Group. One example is the Lissi project, a blockchain-based identity network for self-determined identities. neosfer organises its own events, including the monthly tech startup event series Between the Towers and the IMPACT FESTIVAL, as a means of reinforcing the innovation, venture and sustainability aspects of its network.

neosfer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Commerzbank AG and is based in Frankfurt am Main.

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