New Baloise brand identity – IBM iX implements Digital Experience Platform

In the course of the global rebranding of Baloise, IBM iX implemented the technical redesign of several digital presences of the Swiss insurer. The websites for Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg, as well as the Scout app, now have a uniform digital brand look that makes it possible to experience the smart financial and insurance solutions of Baloise, a long-standing IBM iX client.

Berlin, 27.10.2022 – One Brand: Colourful, modern, and with a new spirit, the insurer Baloise, previously without a uniform name, now presents itself under a common, transnational brand. In the course of the global rebranding of Baloise, IBM iX implemented the technical design of an entirely new digital presence for Baloise. IBM iX has been working with the company for almost ten years.

One Baloise – successful together

Under the Baloise brand, Basler Versicherungen is repositioning itself as an independent European insurance group in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. From now on, the sub-brands “Basler Versicherungen”, “Baloise Bank SoBa”, “Baloise Asset Management”, “Bâloise Assurances”, “Basilese Assicurazioni”, and “Baloise Insurance” will operate under the uniform name Baloise. The motto: Together we are successful.

“It was crucial for us to have a reliable partner at our side for the implementation of our complex project. Together with IBM iX, we were able to successfully master the challenges.”

Michael Besel
Head of Digital at Baloise

User-centred digital solutions of tomorrow

Baloise is a modern and reliable partner of tomorrow that can do more than traditional insurance. With smart financial and insurance solutions, supplemented by a wide range of innovative services around the needs of living and mobility, Baloise always keeps people at the centre. This is also reflected in the new digital presence, which focuses on users and their digital experience. In close cooperation with the Baloise team, the website and the Baloise Scout App, a referral app that allows you to recommend insurance policies to friends, acquaintances and more, were redeveloped.

Collaborative & agile working

The implementation of the uniform design was achieved through the interaction of the Figma design tool and the collaborative use of the Baloise design system. Design systems help in the development and design of digital products such as applications or websites. The websites are based on the CMS system Magnolia, which is particularly flexible and scalable. With its modular structure and integrated analysis function, the system can be constantly optimised, change requests quickly incorporated, and maintenance and support carried out in an agile manner.

Fit for the future

An appealing digital presence with recognised value is increasingly important for the success of brands. Especially to reach a young target group, an attractive design paired with an excellent customer experience is essential. The relaunch of the website, the improvement of the digital offer structure, and the creation of user-friendly applications are laying the foundation for a successful and secure future of the new Baloise brand.

More information on the project can be found here: www.baloise.ch


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