Digitalising the construction industry
We have many years of experience in the construction industry and are very familiar with the challenges that you face and the types of customers that you may encounter. While multi-level distribution presents manufacturers and trade operators with particular conditions, it also offers lots of potential for the digital customer experience.


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Processing small orders by telephone, fax or email not only eats into your valuable time, but also your precious margins.

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Your sales team can lose valuable time if they constantly have to call the warehouse and shipping company to get updates on the order and shipment status of orders.

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Digital solutions are often a reflection of your company’s structures. This can result in information silos that offer little added value for you or your customers.

If your products cannot be ordered online, requests will end up going back to your sales representative or, in a worst-case scenario, to your competitors.

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If your customers cannot get the information they need from you, in a best-case scenario they might contact your sales department. In a worst-case scenario, they might look elsewhere and buy from someone else.

If each department implements their own initiatives individually, this can result in a digital sprawl that customers can find difficult to navigate and are therefore less likely to end up using.

If you have a range of different business or product categories, it is highly likely that you need a common database.

If the availability of your products is not up-to-date, not only will your sales team have to deal with upset customers, they will also have waste time adjusting any incorrect orders manually.

Digitalising multi-level distribution presents challenges for all players in the value-added chain, not just manufacturers. Here at IBM iX, we believe that understanding your customers and your customers’ customers is crucial in order to successfully implement digital initiatives.



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Customer and service portals

The all-in-one channel for demanding construction customers that like using digital services.

Commerce optimisation

Is your construction materials shop not bringing in as much business as you had hoped? We will be happy to optimise it and help you improve the metrics.

Sales automation

Is your sales team still doing a lot of their work manually? We will help you to automate your sales so that your sales representatives can focus on your customers.

Digital experience platform

Lots of systems and channels but a bad user experience? We will put everything on one platform and impress your construction customers.

Customer data and marketing

Learn more about construction customers and how to address them better with new marketing techniques. We can help with our customer data platform and marketing automation tools.

Planning tool

Give your customers the option to plan and execute their projects on your platform.

Sustainable commerce

Is sustainability important for your customers? We have a range of digital business solutions that are sure to impress.

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Strategy sprint

With our one-week strategy sprint, we provide digital orientation in a fast-changing world.

Our agile strategy sprint gets right to the point! Over the course of 5 days, we will work together with you to develop specific goals and measures tailored to your specific requirements.


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Dr. Christian Tribowski
Dr. Christian Tribowski
Director Sales & Alliance, IBM iX Dusseldorf
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Yannick Zimmer
Business Development Manager, IBM iX Dusseldorf

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