We Experience: Personalised mobility services from Volkswagen in partnership with IBM

Cars today have to be able to do more than drive. They are supposed to think for themselves, entertain and support everydaylife. For these new mobility requirements, Volkswagen and IBM are jointly developing personalised digital ser-vices – in interdisciplinary teams at IBM iX in Berlin.

Car manufacturers are becoming mobility service providers

The automotive industry is facing one of the biggest changes in its history. Megatrends like electric mobility, autonomous driving and the increasing networking and digitisation of vehicles not only require new skills, but also open up additional business areas. Car manufacturers are therefore in international competition with providers from other sec-tors who are shaping customer expectations with new features and rapid product cycles.

Personalised offers at the right time in the right place.


Volkswagen wants to actively shape the increasingly digital connection between vehicle and driver,and make everyday life easier with relevant, data-based services. “We Ex-perience”, a service within the digital ecosystem Volkswagen We, was developed in collaboration with experts from the IBM Garage in Berlin.
We Experience is integrated into ex-isting apps as an SDK and works on the basis of IBM Watson artificial in-telligence. Through the intelligent combination of environment, vehicle and customer data, We Experience provides personalised recom-mended actions atthe right time and in the right place. For example, if there is a supermarket nearby when parking is completed in the “We Park” app, the app will point out special offers.

Digital services with positive effects for all partners.


The development of new mobility services makes it possible to expand business models and open up new sources of income. Through the co-creation and co-location principle of the IBM Garage, all partners work on an equal footing to jointly advance ideas and prototypes in the shortest possible development time. There is therefore potential for innovation not only in individual services but also, above all, in product groups and platform-based business models.

Im Hintergrund erkennt man ein Gebäude und einen blauen VW, im Vordergrund ist ein Smartphone mit der geöffneten VW we App

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