How human-centred design revolutionises the freight and logistics industry

Boost your customer satisfaction and employee experience in the freight and logistics industry – with human-centred design for core applications.

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User Experience (UX) has become a critical success factor in the freight and logistics industry. But understanding the impact of good UX in complex processes like logistics and supply chains is not easy. This whitepaper explains, how UX strategies and design can help companies to reduce errors and costs, increase productivity, and improve efficiency.

What you can expect

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Core applications

Take a closer look at industry-specific systems that streamline operations, increase efficiency, and improve communication.

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Challenges & Chances

Learn which problems pop-up around core applications and how you can modernise these systems with a focus on usability.

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5 Experience Aspects

Get to know the important role of experience and explore the main five experience aspects for core applications.

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Antje Kruse-Schomaker
Practice Leader Experience Design & Mobile IBM iX DACH – IBM Studio Hamburg
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Maciej Siniew
Cluster Lead Freight & Logistics