A day with Na-Young – Agility Master at IBM iX

Na-Young is an agility master at IBM iX in Berlin, where she ensures an effective and efficient workflow within the team. Before she joined IBM iX (formerly Aperto) 16 years ago as a project manager, she became aware of us through an internship. Because, unusually, Na-Young found her way into the digital industry after her law degree.

The goal of being able to contribute to the success of projects was clear to Na-Young early on. After the job offer, which she received whilst on a trip to the cinema, everything happened very quickly. Now, she ensures agility in the team and creates productive work environments to that end. Her degree studies help her to solve problems and approach projects in a targeted manner.

Na-Young’s journey to becoming an agility master:

  • law degree including state exams
  • internship as a project manager
  • permanent position as a project manager
  • reorientation into a Scrum master

Na-Young works at one of our sites in Germany. You can find more information on our iX studio in Berlin here.

7.00 am
A stone’s throw to work

Na-Young’s day starts at 7 am. As a mother of two children, she makes sure that everyone leaves the house on time in the morning. At 7.30 am, she makes her way to the Berlin iX studio. Luckily it isn’t far, so it makes sense to drop her younger son at school before starting work.

8:15 am
First, a cup of tea!

Na-Young arrives at the studio around 8.15 am. First stop: make tea. Second stop: desk. As an Agility Master, she is in close contact with her project team, which encompasses different countries. Since her team members work at different sites, she records a welcome video and sends it to her team. Before Na-Young dials into her first meeting, she takes a look at the internal group chat and her unread emails.

9.00 am
All about the team spirit

Na-Young values the good cohesion within the team which gets even stronger with every meeting. Professional and personal conversations with colleagues not only aid the flow of information but also bring inspiration and strengthen the team spirit, which is vitally important in project work. Alongside project work, Na-Young cares very passionately about diversity and inclusion. Her daily tasks at IBM therefore also include working on issues and themes related to gender equality, inclusion, and sustainability

Zwei Frauen diskutieren Feedback an einem Board An employee sits in the office

1.00 pm
“So where shall we eat today?”

Answering this question isn’t very easy. The central location of the Berlin studio means there are countless options for lunch. “You certainly won’t starve here” states Na-Young. Eat together with colleagues from your team as well as from other departments.

2.30 pm
A breath of fresh air in the afternoon

After the lunch break, it’s time to ‘open the window’ to bring fresh impetus to the working day. The afternoon starts with more meetings and usually another cup of tea. In addition to her work as an agility master, Na-Young is also a community lead and therefore also a contact person for health and well-being issues. Here, too, there are always smaller challenges to be solved and new concepts to be developed.

4:30 pm
One last look

Before Na-Young leaves work, she checks her emails and her calendar to prepare for the next day’s meetings. Then she can relax, close her laptop and switch off. After one last look to check on the plant that has a permanent place on her desk, Na-Young makes her (short) journey home.

5.00 pm
Family time

When you get home, you have to do your homework. For Na-Young, this means supporting her children with help and advice. Afterwards, the family prepares and eats dinner together. Once everything has been organised for the next day, it’s time to relax and unwind. Because as much as Na-Young enjoys working with her team at IBM iX, she also enjoys her family life.




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