IBM iX Expert Talk: Seamless Customer Service Portals

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Start your Customer Service Portal from anywhere

Do you know the best thing about Seamless Customer Service Portals? It doesn’t matter where your company is standing in the digital transformation. You can start from anywhere!

A key benefit of the IBM iX approach is that it helps companies to integrate their customers’ value chain. They can start early in the planning process and maintain the relationship deep into the after-sales stage through their services. Therefore, companies gain an effective tool to expand the customer life-cycle and lift the cross- and upselling potential through a closer relationship.

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How can we help you? Talk to our business experts Dr. Christian Tribowski and Edwin Denk about your Customer Service Portal.

Dr. Christian Tribowski
Dr. Christian Tribowski
Director Sales & Alliance, IBM iX Dusseldorf
Edwin Denk
Director Solutioning & Practice Leader, IBM iX Austria