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IBM iX helps marketing teams to create engaging campaigns, with seamless data and asset flows that enable a personalised customer experience – powered by AI.

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88% of customer experience and marketing professionals in a recent Adobe survey said that content demands at least doubled during the last two years. Consumers today expect to receive relevant communications across different channels. The delivery of timely and intelligent content is more crucial than ever before in the CX challenge.

This requires the management of the planning, delivery and constant optimisation of content based on data and insights relating to usage. To do this at scale and pace calls for integrated tools, the right operating model, and the right processes.

This is where IBM iX helps you to transform your Content Supply Chain (CSC). A CSC refers to the people, processes, and tools that produce, deliver, measure, and manage the content that fuels winning customer experiences. CSCs are the innovative solution to streamline content creation workflows. Moreover, with the enormous new possibilities of AI-powered content production we support you to free up your marketing teams from mundane tasks so they can focus on more important, creative activities.

“9 out of 10 executives and content professionals say they need easier access to content assets, and 75% need to improve the delivery of consistent experiences across channels.”
IBM Institute for Business Value
"The revolutionary content supply chain", 2024

Start thinking content end-to-end

Ensure a seamless flow from conception to consumption.

Streamline planning

Transform your content supply chain and optimise your planning process. With Adobe Workfront for example, you can streamline and automate the planning and orchestration of your global marketing content. Collaborate seamlessly with stakeholders, build an informed strategy, allocate budgets, and create a comprehensive content calendar. Experience efficient planning, while facilitating effortless access to assets for future reuse.

Increase productivity

Enhance your content production process with a cutting-edge tech stack. Adobe Creative Cloud empowers your teams to streamline ideation, collaboration, and content creation. From designers to non-creatives, everyone can contribute effortlessly. Accelerate project kick-offs, align teams on outcomes, automate asset variations, and tag metadata easily.

Deliver content at scale

Deliver dynamic and personalised content across channels with Adobe Experience Manager. Easily find content for activation, seamlessly assemble it, and deliver consistent experiences across various touchpoints. Experiment with variations and tailor content to engage your audience effectively. Adobe Experience Manager empowers you to deliver impactful experiences consistently and forge meaningful connections.

Analyse in real-time

Gain valuable insights and optimise your marketing efforts with real-time
analytics on asset, content, experience, and campaign performance.
Access comprehensive data on e.g. project and asset usage to foster ongoing learning and drive continuous optimisation for your marketing teams.

Our vision: An Intelligent
Content Supply Chain

Today, more content than ever is needed to drive personalised experiences. Yet, creatives are only spending 30% of their time on creative work and organizational structures/workflows are inherently inefficient. Marketers strive for 1:2:1 personalised experiences across channels. The solution? The Intelligent Content Supply Chain, merging human expertise with AI and automation.


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This unified ecosystem streamlines content creation, delivering tailored experiences at scale, enhancing engagement, and meeting customer expectations. Embrace this revolution to unlock the full potential of personalised marketing.

Do more with less: See how a holistic Intelligent Content Supply Chain works

Our capabilities to empower marketers and content creators to efficiently create content

Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Effortlessly manage your digital assets with a Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution. Streamline asset organisation, storage, retrieval, and distribution, ensuring easy access and consistent usage. Benefit from efficient workflows and robust metadata tagging to save time and optimise content production.

Process & Workflow Management

Optimise your content supply chain with streamlined Process & Workflow Management. Automate and track content creation workflows, improving collaboration and reducing manual errors. Benefit from accelerated project timelines, enhanced efficiency, and smoother content production.

Creative Content Production with generative AI

Generative AI can take content production to a whole new level. Supercharge your content creation process with Creative Content Production powered by generative AI. Leverage artificial intelligence to automate creative tasks such as image editing, video editing, and copywriting. Benefit from enhanced productivity, scalability, and high-quality personalised content at scale.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Centralise and streamline content creation, management, and distribution with a Content Management System (CMS). Benefit from a robust platform that enables easy creation, editing, and publishing of content across channels. Ensure consistency, efficiency, and seamless content delivery throughout your organisation.

Content Marketing/SEO/SEA

Drive the success of your content with effective Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), and Search Engine Advertising (SEA). Benefit from our expertise in content marketing strategy, keyword research, and paid search campaigns to increase visibility, attract organic traffic, and amplify your content’s reach.

Analytics & Personalisation

Unlock valuable insights and deliver personalised experiences. Benefit from data analytics to measure content performance, audience engagement, and conversions. Gain actionable insights to optimise your content strategy and drive customer loyalty and conversions.

Leading technology partners

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Contentful’s composable content platform offers essential tools for constructing a robust content orchestration platform. Focusing on the Produce and Deliver pillars, Contentful streamlines and expedites content creation and distribution processes. Utilizing a “content-first” approach, it consolidates content from different sources and orchestrates delivery through a unified API, fostering efficient and engaging digital experiences.



An e-commerce platform, equips businesses with the tools to devise and execute adaptable commerce solutions. Thanks to its MACH-architecture, Commercetools allows clients to deliver smooth, personalised shopping experiences across all digital channels. Its microservices structure ensures rapid scalability and adaptability, while the API-first integration guarantees seamless integration with various systems, optimising operations and enriching the customer experience.

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