Do more with less: Adobe Workfront and Edge Delivery powered by generative AI

Author: Daniel Strmečki

Recently, many marketers are facing high personalisation expectations and fast campaign delivery demands. However, marketing budgets have never been tighter. What if… marketers would be able to do more with less? Can we enable them to create and publish personalised content themselves in seconds? Thanks to modern gen AI tools developed by IBM and Adobe now we can. In this article, we’ll get very concrete and explore one use case from the airline industry and showcase a fully functional demo.

Many companies do have the data required to create hyper-personalised experiences. However, marketers often don’t have the tool power to harness it. Demand for tailored content eclipses humans’ ability to efficiently create it. Therefore, fast movers leveraging gen AI technology will gain significant advantage and stay ahead of the curve. To make the story more tangible, let’s explore and solve one example use case.

Use case example

An airline company is already creating landing pages to promote destinations to which they offer transportation. The goal of an airline company is to promote specific destinations that have flights with many unoccupied seats. However, the current process of creating landing pages is manual, it takes a long time to get the site live. Even when the site is live, it is generic for all audiences and doesn’t include personalisation. The airline knows that different travellers enjoy different travel experiences and therefore wants to provide different content for sport, nature, party, or history lovers. Besides personalisation, the airline’s goal is to have a top Lighthouse performance and SEO scores to rank their landing pages high in search engines.

Building blocks

To create a large amount of high-quality landing pages with the best possible performance for our airline client, we’ll leverage the following tools:

  • Adobe Workfront helps knowledge workers manage the entire lifecycle of work in one place
  • Fusion enables Workfront to connect to other business applications and systems, enabling automated workflows and data synchronization
  • Adobe Edge Delivery lets content authors update and publish content quickly, and new sites can be launched in record time. It is built to achieve top Google Lighthouse scores and mobile performance out of the box, boosting Google rankings
  • Adobe Stock enables marketers to tap into a vast collection of high-quality, royalty-free images, graphics, videos, templates, and 3D assets ready to be used for campaigns and websites
  • Adobe Firefly can be used as an alternative for use-case where new images should be generated on-the-fly respecting your brand guidelines
  • IBM watsonx can generate high amounts of new, trusted and brand-compliant textual content

Solution demo

Before we dig into the details, let’s watch a demo video how we solved the example airline use case by connecting the mentioned building blocks in an end-to-end solution:

How it works? A closer look

We rely on Adobe Workfront for initiating and tracking the landing page generation process. A briefer can create a simple request in Workfront by picking a destination and the target audience. A custom microservice running on Microsoft Azure integrated via Workfront Fusion handles generation of personalised content leveraging watsonx, Adobe Stock and Firefly APIs. The microservice can generate an Edge Delivery editable document stored in Google Drive in just a few seconds. The generated document can be sent for review to a publisher who may request changes or approve/publish the page. The briefer can make edits to the document manually or by leveraging Google Docs editorial plugin that enables tweaking the generated content with the help of an AI sidekick. Approved content can be served immediately with Edge Delivery which delivers it online for all clients and devices with a Lighthouse score up to 100.

Gen AI technology combined with Edge Delivery, backed by Workfront

Value drivers and the potential of personalisation

Our solution enables a productivity lift by using a standardised, automated process for campaign creation, also dropping error rates. Marketer’s time is saved by leveraging gen AI tools to create SEO-ready copy and images. Therefore, they can now focus their time on less repetitive and more strategic work. Excellent page performance and lightning-fast delivery of personalised content can significantly increase conversion rate, resulting in revenue increase and higher utilization rate. In this example business case, we calculated a 3,65 return on invest on every Euro spent for the implementation and license costs.

We should note that the presented solution is not limited to only the tools used in the demo. Our personalisation content supply story can be fitted to other project management tools, image sources, AI tools and content management systems. For example, the generated content can be delivered to any channel like AEM Sites, social media, or SMS/email. Segments and topics for landing page creation can be based on real-time data coming from Customer Data Platform and research supported by AI and ML tools.

AI-assisted editing enables quick text changes or full text/image re-generation. Watsonx, Firefly and other AI generation models can be trained and customized to become brand aware. This enables AI tools to understand your brand guidelines, ensuring they create the right content for you. Now that you got inspired by our airline use case, are you ready to discuss your use cases?

The outlook: How to reach your goals

With our approach, marketers can generate complete, personalised landing pages in seconds, not days or weeks. Combining the capabilities of gen AI and Edge Delivery for personalisation at scale brings a productivity lift in the marketing team. Lightning-fast delivery and excellent page SEO and mobile performance boosts organic website traffic which leads to higher conversion. 2024 promises to be the year when we bring gen AI from demos to pro-duction-ready solutions that will drive serious business outcomes aligned with C-suite goals across the organisation. Let’s explore together how automation can simplify your content supply workflows, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate your customer engagement.

Adobe partnership

IBM and Adobe have a strategic alliance spanning both technology and services, building on more than 20 years as an Adobe consulting partner. IBM is the No.1 partner certified in Workfront, AEM and Adobe platforms. In 2023, IBM iX received the Adobe Digital Experience Partner of the Year Award for Central Europe and United Kingdom & Ireland (UK&I).

Adobe Award More about the partnership

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