IBM iX is developing a Digital Health
Platform for the Association
of German Private Healthcare Insurers

Healthcare is increasingly moving into the digital space. The same applies to health promotion and prevention services. However, what has been missing is the ability to connect various products in an overarching digital platform. IBM iX is now developing one such platform for the Association of German Private Healthcare Insurers (Verband der privaten Krankenversicherung, PKV).

Berlin, 21 June 2022 – IBM iX is developing an online platform for the Association of German Private Healthcare Insurers (Verband der privaten Krankenversicherung, PKV) to group preventive health services together in one place. This multifunctional platform will be the first of its kind: it offers digital consults, training, project management, and networking for prevention and health promotion. Slated for launch in 2023, the platform is aimed at all those who offer and use health-promoting projects in the settings approach to prevention.

Health promotion is also becoming more digital – but the settings approach to prevention needs to catch up

Like many other areas of life, healthcare is becoming increasingly digital, including health promotion and prevention. However, only a rare few programmes that use the “settings approach to prevention—which have an effect in the worlds of childcare, health associations, and nursing homes—have been digitised. Although there was a great deal of development in this vein during the Covid-19 pandemic, digital products in the settings approach to prevention are still rarely interlinked, which results in lost opportunities for cooperation. Now, these opportunities can be realised via the new platform: “We want to group all our prevention partners’ products together in a digital location,” says Julia Anna Deipenbrock, Head of the Prevention Unit at PKV: “No such platform currently exists. Everyone involved will benefit from it.”

E-learning, consulting, and exchange in one place

Various consulting and exchange tools are planned to be available on the platform. The platform’s central element will be e-learning programmes. It will also be possible to implement existing prevention services or develop new ones together with partners in digital project rooms. A public website will provide information about prevention programmes and enable direct contact with the programmes.

User-oriented product development

To ensure user-oriented, agile technical implementation, the IBM iX Studio Berlin has assembled an interdisciplinary team of IT, design, and prevention experts to develop the product in close cooperation with PKV and its partners, as well as with future groups of users. “We are happy to be able to create targeted digital content for more health-related participation together with PKV,” says Eva Obernauer from the gay counselling centre in Berlin, which provides prevention services via the new platform. Alexander Hubitsch, Digital Health & Insurance Director at IBM iX Studio Berlin, explains the approach: “Our agile way of working allows us to react flexibly to requirements that arise in the context of product development.” To ensure the coordination and participation of a large number of participants, Berlin-based healthcare strategy consultancy Pathways Public Health GmbH will be assuming an important management role in the project.



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